You work hard, make your heels work harder
- February 21, 2019

Summer is around the corner and we are already feeling the itch to let our feet feel the winds of change and enjoy themselves in a pair of striking heels. Although we are fools for our comfortable flats and all-purpose sneakers, we are beginning to indulge in heels instead of getting lazy about them.

While we usually love pairing our heels with dresses and jeans, this season is going to be a tad different. We took a page out of the runways and chalked out a few looks that we are going to be experimenting with. And you know we love sharing, so here are our top 3 looks which you must try with us:

Move over skirts

Green Shimmer Top

The resurgence of knee-length shorts has us excited. And what does this mean for you? You can give your skirts a break this summer because these shorts are slowly creeping into the market and taking over. And here is how you can pair them with heels.

The look: Khaki green loose yet structured knee-length shorts + white lace top + black/ navy blue/ camel brown platform heels. Accessorize with a belt and jewelry in gold tones.

Sway in fringe

Denim and Tshirt

– The fringe detail is another element we want to play around with. Particularly a midi-length fringe skirt. We put together a playful look for this fun trend.

The look: Dark brown high-waist fringed skirt + black crop top + metallic heels. Best part about this look? You can play around with the color of the heels as much as you’re feeling. Go for gold metallic or even an emerald green. Since the rest of the look is a balance of neutrals, the heels get to be the champions.

One for the brave

Neon pink Top

– This look comes with “not for the faint-hearted” tagline.

One word: Neon. Now there are clever ways to incorporate neon into your look if you’re hesitant to experiment. Here is what we are thinking.

The look: Neon pink oversized top + white pants + strappy heels with shimmer detail. Keep your makeup neutral with a nude pink lipstick and accessorize with pearls or Swarovski crystals. This look is all about balance, and here the neon pink teases the strappy heels while the white pants maintain harmony.

We are feeling really bold and are excited to try the third look, tell us which one your favorite is.

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