- September 15, 2017
Velvet Clothes

Imagine the soft textured feel of velvet and you are transported to thoughts of royalty. This fabric trumps them all when it comes to associations with luxury. So why does velvet enjoy this relationship with exclusivity?

We are obsessed with the hows and whys of fashion and so it’s not surprising that we ventured into an in-depth research frenzy of dissecting the grandness of velvet. For those of you averse to history lessons (yes, you there rolling your eyes) we broke it down into easy-to-digest factoids which you can casually bring up in random conversations.

Its story-time!

  1. Origin: Like all things luxurious and detail-oriented, Velvet also originates from China. (No surprise there). Dating back to almost 206 BC. Yes, that’s old. But can you imagine the talented people who used to make this fabric by hand tirelessly.
  2. Discovery: Much later the Europeans discovered this marvelous fabric and Italy was the first to start producing it during the 12th to 18th centuries.
  3. Who: For the longest time velvet was only accessible to the wealthy families, churches, and nobility.
  4. Mass production: Enter industrial revolution and bam there was Velvet for everyone. Women were wearing gowns, shawls, coats in this decadent fabric and lapping it up.

Enter 2017 and Velvet is back in the mainstream fashion game. Thank you, fast fashion.

If you’re a keen observer you’ve seen velvet in your frequently visited retail stores and have mildly considered it. The trend caught fire in 2016 and is still holding strong. While last year the waters were being tested, this year Velvet is here with a bang.

Now, you need to have a few key pieces in Velvet in your wardrobe and more importantly in specific colors. If you’re feeling lukewarm about the trend, start with a skirt, a bustier, crop top, or simpler still a tank top. However, if you’re raring to go, then pull out all the stops and straight up reach for a pair of velvet pants, a blazer, or a dress.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you are right now, ditch the blacks and go for shades like canary yellow, emerald green, oxblood red, soft pink, powder blue, azure blue, and electric blue.

Picture this: An azure blue velvet bustier, navy blue joggers, silver ankle-strap heels, and a short black blazer. That’s 3 trends in one killer look. (Um you’re welcome)

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