The Perfect Additions
- March 1, 2019

The best part about a glorious new color hitting the store shelves are the cool new accessories which come along with the trend. This season is going to be all about a joyful shade called coral, and we are crushing hard.

Why do we love it, you ask?

The color coral feels light, full of optimism, and warmth and we could use all of that in our daily life. While we love diving into styling hacks, we wanted to dedicate some space to accessorizing and creating a list of must-have pieces to seamlessly add to our wardrobes.

If you’re feeling curious about the delicious pieces you can add to your collection, take a peek at the accessory list we curated for both men and women because you know, everyone needs a dose of joyful coral in their day.


Kicked about coral

Eye-grabbing footwear is truly hard to pass-up for almost all women, so why not add a new something to your collection. Preferably a something in a playful coral. Instead of doing a usual pair of heels, we are leaning towards either some bright platform sneakers or ankle-length boots. Both iconic and can be made the center of your look.

Watch me

Bags are fun and all, but you know what is a really neat accessory? A watch. While we love bags, and are constantly lusting for more, we do think that when it comes to coral, a fun way to show it off is with a all-coral watch. No other color, just coral. Ladies get ready for some serious drama for your wrist.

Hidden Details

When it comes to accessories for men, we like playing around with the idea of secret elements. Guys, to incorporate coral into your wardrobe start with some cheeky and flashy socks. They could be printed in coral and other colors or just a bold shade of coral. Pair them with brown shoes of any styling and you’re all set.

Cuffed and ready

Men Style

Another way that men can incorporate this willful color into their look, is with a neat pair of cufflinks. Lookout for cufflinks in a bright coral in interesting shapes and not just round or square and ensure that the metal it is wrapped is gold-toned and not silver.

Time to do plan a shopping date with the better half, looks like it.

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