- September 13, 2017
Teal Women Collections

Every year Pantone declares the color of the year in the most extravagant way and it sends the world into a tizzy. This isn’t restricted to just fashion, beauty, tech, interiors, and larger graphic design applications are all in the mix.

Think about this, last year Rose Quartz was chosen as the color of the year. And before you know it rose gold was trending like nobody’s business. Ikea launched an entire range in the color, rose gold accessories, especially watches, became hot property. Women were running to their hair colorists for highlights and dyes in shades of rose. You blink and there were distinct interpretations of rose quartz everywhere. So feminine and so romantic.

Rose quartz, gave way to Green in 2017, rightly referred to as Greenery. And if you’ve been observant you would have seen colors complementary to green and shades of green trickling into your everyday world. True blue – which is a complementary shade to green has taken over the world of watches and accessories. Luxury watchmakers are blending in this shade to perfection. However, the two shades which are enjoying the most popularity are olive green and teal.

And between the two, our love is leaning towards Teal. Interestingly, the color gets its name from a species of Duck. Yes, you read that right. Google ‘Eurasian Teal’ and look at the detail around the duck’s eye and you will know exactly what we are talking about. See? Hang with us and you will stumble upon some cool things.

Okay, so if you’re going to venture into adding teal to your wardrobe. Fret not, because we have created a list of colors you can mix teal with based on your mood.

  1. Drama-Mama Feeling wild? Then skip the basics and style your teal colored top or dress with colors like Fuchsia Pink, Bright Orange, Electric Blue, and Flaming Red. Outfit Idea: Flaming red midi-skirt, teal button-down shirt, and white sneakers or heels.
  2. Vintage- Babe Like us, if you’re a lover of all things vintage then these are the shades you need to add to your teal outfit. Powder blue, Millennial Pink, Green Lily, Light Gray, and Lilac.
  3. Outfit Idea: Teal pants, Millennial pink sheer blouse, and black brogues or ballet flats.
  4. Monochrome-Moody – Tonal dressing is the name of the game and it takes a little bit of mastery to pull off a kick-a** look. The best shades to create a teal-toned outfit are Forest Green, Emerald Green, Olive green, Moss green, and Silt Green.
  5. Outfit Idea: A silt green top off-shoulder top, teal flared pants, Nude heels, and accessories in shades of emerald green.
Teal Ethic Collection

We are getting an intense weekend-vibe from the Monochrome-Moody look and are itching to try it ourselves.

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