Summer Storm in Frills
- April 11, 2018
Frills Dress Central

The turn of the season is always exciting and gets us planning our wardrobes by vigorously scrolling through instagram and devouring influencer fashion. After all it isn’t about the trend, it is about making the trend your own.

This time around we are settling into a boho-chic vibe, and we know what you’re thinking, ‘ This happens every year’ – but that’s the story of every trend since the beginning of time. However, this spring-summer is about soft ruffles, unstructured pleats, OTT accessories, and minimal frills.  And instead of soft pastel colors, we are leaning towards the brightest crayons in the pack. After all, why should ruffles and pleats be branded as submissive when they can be fierce.

Sunflower yellow, Queen of Hearts red, Madhatters’ purple and pretty much every shade which embodies Alice in wonderland. That’s the palette you need to experiment with. Maybe you’re a pastels person or maybe you’re all about the basics but there must be one or two freak colors in your wardrobe this season. Trust us.

Summer Collection Central

When it comes to styling breezy spring-summer fabrics with ruffles and pleats, think about adding structure to your look when it comes to wearing these pieces to work. If you’re going for a pleated midi-length skirt then pair it with either a crisp collared shirt, or a basic fitted tee. And if you’re gravitating towards a ruffled top pair it with a straight-fit skirt, flared denims, or cigarette pants. It’s all about visual balance.

However, when it comes to socializing close your eyes and reach out for the most flamboyant frills or ruffles paired with some over-the-top accessories in 80’s hues. Think flowy fabrics with floral prints and mash them with thick leather belts. That way your look has drama yet its pulled together and not all over the place. If you’re someone who is all geared up to truly experiment, then you must jump onto the print-on-print wagon. This isn’t easy to pull of ladies but there is a method to the print madness.

When blending prints together choose the same base color for both top and bottom like say a nude pink or a flaming red or creamy white. The next step is to ensure that the prints have similar color palettes or complimentary colors which don’t clash too hard. And the final thing to look out for is the size of the patterns, to be safe you can opt for both the bottom and top to have similar sized patterns but to make things interesting we would suggest going for bottoms with medium sized prints and the top with smaller micro-sized prints. Throw on some mega earrings or chunky bracelets and you’re all set to cause a summer storm.

If you’ve been dodging prints and ruffles the last few seasons, do us a favor and embrace them this time around. You will not regret the feel of it.

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