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- September 13, 2017
Central Whitefield

Lately I’m facing a lot of difficulties getting dressed. It sounds funny coming from a blogger who blogs about style but while I always try to pre plan my outfits, somehow they don’t seem to work because of the weather that we are facing. I tried styling this jogger pants with multiple tops and it took me about an hour! Which left me very less time to do makeup and believe me when I say I have started going out to be tiresome because I just feel I don’t have anything to wear! I know a lot of girls complain about this but I either find my clothes outdated or I’ve worn it too many times that wearing it again bores me. So this weekend, I decided to go to the newly launched Whitefield Central at VR Bengaluru because Central has always been a shopping destination for me since I came to Bangalore and I was pretty stoked to hear that they are now open in VR Bengaluru which is much closer to where I live. Again, dressing up for shopping was also tiresome and I had made up my mind that I would certainly pick up something when I visit the Central store.

Central Whitefield Collections
Whitefield Central Collections
Central Whitefield Shopping
Central Whitefield Shopping
Central Whitefield

With the intention that I would not leave the store without new tops, as I mentioned earlier I never seem to be satisfied with the tops I have, I went to the new Whitefield Central to check the brands that they housed. Well if its at Central, it is trendy and the new store has the best brand collection of 150 brands. With multiple options to choose from, it does take time for someone as choosy as me to shop but you end up being totally satisfied with your purchase. I say satisfied because for someone who went shopping on a budget, I could compare prices, try different brands and buy the ones I liked within my budget. Now the store is huge, so this time I decided to shop together with my Facebook supporters help via Facebook live. It was my first ever online interactive shopping experience and I never expected it to be so much fun. Well lugging around a huge shopping bag and talking to a phone must have looked weird to other shoppers but I was in a dilemma with so many options to choose from that I really needed suggestions!  Not that I expected to get the help that I did via the live session which makes me feel I should do it more often and interact as much as possible with everyone who has been really supportive.

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So with the support that I got via comments on FB live and the pieces that I picked up, I was able to actually come up with some great finds! I was looking for a basic top – something that I can wear any day with anything but I ended up adding other things too like a Chiffon Maxi dress, a Skirtall to my bag because these were very different and I found that they would be perfect to combat the summer heat as well. So this is how I spent my weekend shopping at Whitefield Center and my favourite picks. I hope you like them and do let me know which one do you like the most!


Nilu Yuleena

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