- September 13, 2017
Ruffle Clothes

Earlier this year, the ruffles made a comeback and what most of us perceived as a cute revival of the long gone 60’s trend has now grown into a full-blown larger than life being. Not only are ruffles getting more attention than imagined they are taking over the runway every season with a fresh new twist.

What we love about ruffles though is how damn playful they look. Just picture one of your friends walking towards you in a top bursting with ruffles, doesn’t she look like a beautiful cake topper? With tiers of ruffles bouncing and cascading into such spectacular imagery that it’s criminal to look away.

Ruffles can be your next killer look provided you style them to work for your body rather against it. Here are some quick styling to-do’s so that you don’t get too ruffled. (Ha! See what we did there?)

  1. Ruffles are Sheer If you don’t want to draw attention to your arms and bust then ruffles in soft fabrics and solid colors are your way to go. Extra points if you’re able to find a top in a sheer fabric.
  2. Ruffles in a Tier If you have a slim torso and lower body, then go for dresses and skirts with ruffles at the bottom with a fitted top. When your outfit is ruffle heavy at the bottom, show some skin on top like bare arms or a deep V-neck.
  3. Ruffles Done Easy If you have curvy hips and thighs, move the ruffles upwards for maximum drama. Go for a one-shoulder or cold-shoulder top with a ruffled neckline or sleeves, and pair it with skinny denims and mega heels to work those curves.
  4. Ruffles get a Job An interesting piece to add to your wardrobe regardless of your body type would be a basic top with mega-mega ruffle sleeves. These ruffles mean serious business and we cannot emphasize enough how mega the sleeve should be, go as big as you get. Finish the rest of the outfit in classic ankle-length denims, a pencil skirt, or a mini, and some heels or platform sneakers.
  5. Ruffles run Deep Another piece we are currently crushing on is a deep V-neck top with big ruffled edges all along. It the perfect top to keep you going from a Sunday brunch to a night out. A solid color like a white, red, electric blue, metallic shade or classic black are perfect for a top like this.

All this talk about ruffles has us dreaming of creating a special section in our wardrobes for just ruffles-everything. Now all that is left to figure out is how to rob a bank…hmm.

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