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- March 20, 2019

If we met in person, you would know that apart from black and other neutrals the only other color palette we love is a pastel one. Sometimes just glancing at a pastel pink top or a mauve colored bag is enough to get us reaching into our wallets unconsciously. And then there is a quick retreat because ohmygod it’s the end of the month and there are bills to be paid. (Sigh)

Although pastels are super versatile, we especially like them for workwear. They bring just the right kind of energy, are light and breezy, and can be mixed and matched based on your moods.

Now, we would ordinarily dive into styling a bunch of pastel inspired looks but why do that when we can just obsess over shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Here are five pastel shoes that you need to own right now.

Magic Mint

When your outfit for work comprises of a pair of jeans and a tee. The best way to turn up that look is to slip on some mint color sneakers. It’s a fail-safe way of giving your look some edge.


An absolute favorite shade of blue that you must own in a shoe. We are thinking periwinkle boots. Imagine ankle-length boots in this sublime shade of blue with a camel brown heel. Pair them with your midi-dresses and pants while at work.


When you need a little spring in your step to power through your workday, look no further than a pair of pointy-toed heels in lavender. It will go well with all your whites, blues, and pinks and at the same time bring along an element of fun to your work-look.

Daffodil Yellow

Womens Fashion

A color which doesn’t get enough credit is the happy shade of pastel yellow. Invest in a pair of yellow sandals with kitten heels and this would be the perfect addition for your ethnic wear and days you venture into wearing white pants to work.

Blush Pink

Pink Fashion

This particular pastel shade is a crowd pleaser, and for work wear we are thinking of going with kolhapuris or brogues in this super versatile shade. Pair them with virtually anything because this color provides a nice balance and complements almost every other color. For a power look, go for a nude pink skirt and a cream top or if you’re going for a laidback ethnic look go with a pair of cream leggings and a baby blue kurta.

Ordinarily we would say, “Start small, buy one pastel shoe and take it from there” but no, not this time. “Buy them all, buy them at once.” we say.

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