Pack those bags and say your goodbyes!
- March 8, 2019

Vacations are not just about the much-needed rest and relaxation, they are also about being picture perfect, not all the time but a few moments. After the tickets are booked, and a list of “must-experience” things has been created the next natural step is deciding on the perfect set of outfits.

From sensible essentials to impractical pieces, all deserve a place in that suitcase which is going to be packed at the last minute. We could dive deep into the perfect permutation combination of outfits for a memorable vacation, we would love nothing more, but we want to dedicate this piece to focusing on accessories.

Interesting accessories can easily take a look from “meh” to “va va voom” and isn’t that just the best hack. We curated a set of pieces that you’re going to want to squeeze into vacation suitcase. Here goes.

Diva Headbands

Women Fashion Style

So, you can’t necessarily wear a crown everywhere you go, but the next best thing is a gorgeous headband. Stock up on headbands in satin and leather with gleaming details like pearls, diamantes, or lace. Pair them with your vacation dresses, oversized tops, and pretty much with anything you wear. Go light on the makeup based on how elaborate the headband is.

Bag Twins

Vacation Bags

An oversized bag is a must for a vacation to just dump all your stuff plus you’re in luck because they look chic. However, make sure your oversized bag has a matching tiny bag for your essentials. The double bag trend is going to pick up and be big this season. So naturally you want your vacay style to be on-point.

Mega Shades

Oversized shades have always been chic and an absolute must-have but this time around splurge on some mega-oversized shades. The biggest you can find preferably, and in either a tortoiseshell or all-black. The beauty of mega sized shades is that all the makeup you need is a popping lipstick and statement earrings and you’re ready to glam up your Instagram stories. Channel your inner Anna Wintour ladies.

Feather Detail

Womens Fashion Clothing

The tiniest element in an accessory can really add that extra something to your overall look. While you can’t go wrong with a little bling, this time around look for accessories with feather details. Like a pair of flat sandals with feathery straps, a mini-bag with a feather pompom, maybe a headband with subtle tiny feathers, or chunky earrings with feather details. All of these will make perfect additions to your vacay collection.


We possibly saved the best for last, because who doesn’t like indulging in yet another pair of shoes. To really bring the vogue to your vacation, you’re going to need a pair of high platform heels. Go for vacation ready and on-trend colors like a neon or coral, and then just like that you’re hitting a couple of trends and not just one.

Just imagining you slay all these accessories is bringing us joy, since we can’t take a vacation ourselves and strut around in glam accessories.

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