One Shoulder
- September 13, 2017
One Shoulder Tops

Did you think that the one-shoulder trend popped up across the last few seasons? Um not really. Iconic women like Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana were flashing their proud shoulders in gorgeous gowns at a time when most of us could barely put together a chic outfit.

Fashion in a way is such a nostalgic trip down history with small tie-backs to women in various points of time who wore the same trends we now wear so casually by the masses. A few years back a one-shoulder was just meant to be in the form of a glam gown which let’s be honest, only a celebrity would have had an occasion to wear it to.

Today, the story reads a bit differently be it a casual lunch with friends, a weekend rager, a family outing, or just a date, there is a one-shoulder top or dress made for that occasion. The trend is spotted on everything from a casual powder blue summer dress to a risqué bandage dress. There are no rules and everything goes.

This season, and as always you are in control of how you interpret and chose to wear the one-shoulder trend. We think it oscillates between being laid-back to sexy. You can dress it down with a white and blue striped one-shoulder shirt with some white denims or classic blue denims and some high wedges in camel. Alternatively, you can go bold in a metallic or bright dress or top with a plunging one-shoulder neckline. (Hubba Hubba)

Accessories play a key role if you’re going for a one-shoulder look. You want to make sure that your shoulder pulls the outfit together and remains the center of attention. This would work best with tassel earrings which sweep your shoulders in a color which is preferably a contrast to the top. If ginormous earrings aren’t your thing then go for something small yet shiny. The idea being that every accessory you wear pulls towards the shoulders and your face.

While styling your one-shoulder outfit a few essentials to keep in mind though would be to invest in some great strapless support-wear to keep the girls in check while you’re flaunting your shoulders. And always keep some double-sided clear tape handy just in case your one-shoulder outfit wants to set itself free and has the urge turn itself into an off-shoulder.

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