No-Nonsense Workplace Styling
- March 6, 2019

Five days of our week, if not more, are spent at workplaces and yet getting creative with workwear fashion is a struggle and at times just plain tedious. We feel this pinch ever so often and decided to shake things up a little. We spoke to a bunch of women and had a brainstorming session of sorts. Accompanied with lots of snacks and an endless supply of caffeine.

What seemed like hours later, we chalked out a series of looks we collectively liked and jotted them down to experiment with. Let’s look at the winning looks:

Mid-week jumpstart

The look: Dark blue straight-fit jeans + black round neck t-shirt + checkered blazer in grey and white + kitten heels in black.

Styling: Accessorize with a short silver chain and silver studs. Throw on a silver-toned watch for effect. And keep the t-shirt tucked out.

For the Brave

Trendy Summer Clothes

The look:Cream/ white colored ankle-length pants + powder blue button-down shirt + camel brown brogues.

Styling:Accessorize with matt gold hoops or medium sized earrings in a gold tone and french tuck your shirt for a clean finish.

Monday Power

The look:High-waist flared skirt in navy blue + light blue round neck graphic tee + black two-inch platform sneakers.

Styling:Accessorize with a leather bracelet which wraps around your wrist and a watch.

Wrapped for Success

The look:Scarf pattern wrap-around dress + pointy-toed sandals (in a color complementing the pattern).

Styling:Accessorize with diamond studs and a thin-strapped watch. While selecting a scarf pattern dress look for formal color palettes like navy and gold, dark maroon, gray, brown, and emerald green.

Go Bold

Womens Dress Shops

The look:Light blue mid-waist skinny jeans + white round neck t-shirt with a slogan print + bright yellow light blazer + white sneakers or ballet flats.

Styling:Accessorize with thin gold rings across random fingers.

Dressed to Win

New Trends for Women

The look:Cream colored ankle-length pants + ivory colored half-sleeve round high neck polo t-shirt + nude pink/ coral colored closed heels.

Styling:Accessorize with rose gold accessorize like a chunky watch and stud earrings. A great add-on would be an oversized camel brown leather tote.

Getting through the week

Trendy Dresses for Women

The look:Long straight-fit grey kurta + black leggings + silver and white dupatta + black/silver sandals.

Styling:Accessorize with antique silver mini-jhumkas and a silver-toned bracelet.

Fresh for Friday

Fashion Clothes for Women

The look:Short lime-green high-neck kurti + light blue denims + onion pink scarf + brown platform heels/ sneakers.

Styling:Accessorize with pink earrings and a few thin bangles or a chunky statement bracelet.

Poised to Deliver

The look:Powder blue saree + light pink half/ three fourth sleeve blouse with a high-neck and collar preferably + comfortable heels or flats based on how well you can move in a saree. (Psst…we sometimes wear our fav. Sneakers underneath)

Styling:Accessorize with pearl studs and a leather-strapped watch.

Cheering a Win

Shimmer Leggings Trends

The look:Dark maroon kurta with small gold pattern and full sleeves + dark gold leggings + brown closed slip-on sandals.

Styling:Accessorize with minimal gold bracelet and earrings. Ideally the kurta should be a nehru collar to make it formal, else style with a scarf or dupatta in tissue gold fabric.

We believe fashion at the workplace ought to be just as fierce, sharp, and determined as your goals and ambitions. And we are hoping to inspire and dress the crazy driven women of today and tomorrow.

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