- September 15, 2017
Metallic Women Clothes

Pack your bags ladies, we are fueling a rocket and travelling into the future. The dress code you ask? Voluminous hair and Metallics.

There isn’t a designer in sight who hasn’t dipped its models into a cauldron of silver, polished them, and spun them across the runway. Chanel, Armani, Bottega, Miu Miu, Michael Kors, Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Balenciaga, and so many more. Each had their own distinct interpretation of metallics. While some focused on a Swarovski disco-ball like detailing others choose a more minimal tin-foil like appearance for jackets and dresses. And we are in love with all of it. (Magpie Mode: ON)

Sure, a silver pantsuit sounds great on paper, but you have to be a Gigi Hadid to have a place to wear it to and not stand out like a shiny sore thumb.So how can you, an everyday person imbibe this trend? We did a little brainstorming and scoped some products. Here is what our wishlist looks like.

  1. A silver pencil skirt
  • Okay listen, don’t write this off. You can dress this down and class it up with basics like a white or black solid top. And if you’re still unsure, throw on a blazer.
  1. Silver Boots
  • These are the best gateway product to get you into the trend yet not too deep. When you pair silver ankle-length boots with an outfit, you’re saying that you’re in with the trend but in a very nonchalant way. (Total cool girl effect)
Metallic Jacket Women
  1. Metallic Silver Knit
  • Winter is a few months away and you’re going to need some fashionable layers. A silver knit is just the right way to do it. Pair it with your skinniest black denims, black boots, and a deep plum lipstick.
  1. Futuristic Metallic Platform Sneakers
  • If you’re looking to double-up by mixing two trends then these are your go-to. Not only are platform sneakers great for some extra inches they can be styled with virtually anything from a short dress to skinny jeans. Plus, now you will have them in silver.
  1. Matte-silver Dress
  • Give your black dress a vacation and go for a dull silver bandage dress or midi dress. Accessorize with neutrals like black or white so that the look stays classy and not tacky.

Now that you have your starter list, you’re all set to release your inner disco child. Hey, just steer clear of skinny faux leather silver pants. Those, we do not recommend. Just don’t.

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