Mahalyar Mahamaya
- September 16, 2019

Mahalaya is a day that marks the beginning of the festivities for Bengalis around the globe. It’s observed seven days before Durga Pujo and is an auspicious occasion. And as we know, every occasion calls for a statement look; which is why we bring you this classic collection – Mahalyar Mahamaya to have you looking fashionable and festive at the same time.

To understand the occasion a little better, let’s take you through why Mahalaya is celebrated in the first place. Mahalaya has its share of folklore but the most popular one is the occasion being an invitation to Goddess Durga to initiate her journey from Kailash to Earth (her parental home) along with her children. Mantras are chanted and devotional songs are sung to extend this invitation. The ritual of Tarpan (offering to forefathers) is also performed on this day, when dhoti-clad men offer prayers to their deceased ancestors, also known as pind-daan.

No surprise that we had to create a collection that invokes awe when you step out on this day. From ethnic salwars, flared kurtas to gold-embellished dupattas, this collection has all the festive flair that you will ever need. The ensembles come in auspicious shades of burnt gold and holy maroon, and of course a variety of styles to choose from. Featuring intricate threadwork and traditional motifs, this collection comes infused with a minimalistic yet suave vibe. If you’re the kind of person to cut a notch in classy appeal, head over to Central and pick an outfit that adds to your personality. Afterall, a traditional outfit always brings out a person’s happiest authentic self.

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