Layered (Ethnic)
- September 13, 2017
Red Layered Ethnic Kurta

Layering and playing around with fabrics, styles, and silhouettes is truly underrated when it comes to Indian ethnic-wear. Tell us that we need to layer a shirt and jeans and we will do it in a jiffy, almost on autopilot. When it comes to a kurta though we are totally flummoxed and fumble around for a scarf to layer on our neck. What did you just read? – A poor attempt at layering is what.

First things first, we need to put together a list of layering essentials. You will need four key pieces of clothing and from there on the possibilities are interesting to experiment with.

Let’s dive right in

  1. A Duster Based on your personal aesthetics choose between a plain or printed duster. For those of you new to the game, a duster is a full-length layer which works for both western and ethnic wear. You can wear a duster over a full length anarkali kurta and leggings. It will add an additional layer of drama to your anarkali and beats wearing a dupatta.
  2. A Cape Capes have become a designer favorite and we are happy for its inclusion in ethnic wear. A sheer cape with light embroidery or bead work at the edges is a clever addition to your saree and blouse since it adds a new dimension of interest. A cape would work best with a blouse which isn’t loud so that the cape is the hero of the outfit. The only thing to remember is to stick to sheer fabrics so that you can see through and get a view of the blouse and top-half of the saree. The idea here is that the cape must look like a playful illusion. (Think Sonam Kapoor from Cannes 2014)
  3. A Short Jacket Ethnic jackets are not a new trend but we don’t experiment enough with them. Be it a basic straight kurta and jeans or leggings or a traditional silk kurta and bottoms. The right ethnic jacket becomes an accessory to the outfit. Go for sleeveless jackets in sheer with embroidery or Swarovski crystals or sold fabrics with glass and embroidery work in bright colors. But don’t hold back on this easy layer.
  4. A Blazer The underdog of layers is our favorite. Also, the only layer which requires a little more attention to detail than usual. A thin short jacket is what you will need, and an ethnic waist belt. Make sure your saree is in a light fabric with minimal work and not heavily embellished. Add on the blazer and wear the waist belt at the smallest part of your waist. The visual excellence this look creates is devastatingly good, and you cannot help but love it.

If there is a layer you are loving but aren’t sure how to style it. Drop us a line, we love a challenge.

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