Just another reason to love Summer
- July 17, 2019

What we love most about this time of the year are the light cheerful colors which come out to play. Lilacs, powder blues, blush pinks, and oh the shades of cream and ivory. If we could elongate this time of the year we would, but alas.

There is something so magical this time of the year that everyday occasions and celebrations also seem more festive and brimming with lightness and fun. This brings us to our favorite part, and that is dressing up for these various indulgences.

Mid-day karaoke cocktail (Anchal Bharadwaj)

Crisp and sunny weekend afternoons are all but made for hours of relaxation and fun. With overflowing glasses and good company. This look is a winner for those Sunday afternoons where brunch turns to more.

Look: Blush pink jumpsuit with florals. Styled with bright earrings and a hat which suits your face. Complete the look with either espadrilles sandals or heels.

Sun-kissed in Lilac (Srishti Agarwal)

If there were a summer favorite we could pick, it would be lilac. Not only does it complete every skin tone, but it also has this British summer royalty charm to it. This look is perfect for a brunch and can be added to your vacation-fashion too.

Look: Boho-inspired lilac dress styled with an on-trend rattan bag. Accessorize with tortoise shell oversized glasses and a hat. Complete the look with comfortable platforms and a watch, both in rose gold.

Polka dots seize the day (Ashima Makhija)

A classic pattern which is appropriate no matter how old you get and no matter how much your fashion evolves. There is always an outfit out there in the perfectly sized polka dots waiting for you. This particular look is the perfect elegant option for when you have you have to be all-class.

Look: Light mint-blue polka dot dress with a playful hemline and tie at the waist. Accessorize with a chunky watch and dull gold ballet flats. Complete the look with a statement bag in ivory and you’re good to go.

Same Dots but Different (Sonia Thiyam)

If you think we are way too into polka-dots, then you’re probably right. And for good reason. We love the versatility polka-dots provide. This particular dress oozes summer like nothing else. Wear it to beach wedding, a lunch get-together, or a date. It all just works.

Look: Pastel green dress with small polka dots styled with clear styled to keep the focus on the dress. Accessorize with accessories in gold. Go minimal with the accessory size and loud with the lipstick.

All this talk about clean summer fashion, has us planning a fun cocktail so that we can strut around in our polka dots and pastels too.

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