- September 13, 2017

If there were any color in India which was more beloved than fuchsia pink it would have to be the deep blue and rich shade of blue called Indigo. For years we have been hopelessly in love with this color, be it our grandparents, our parents, and us in recent times. The color runs strong and just changes the form in which it comes into our life.

While we cannot explain our culture’s deep fascination which Indigo, we do love the multiple ways in which it manifests itself. Be it the unbearably beautiful blue pottery, tie and dye indigo fabrics for upholstery, and printed sarees and dresses in indigo. This color seeps into our everyday life and well we are yet to meet someone who doesn’t just love the color.

At this point of time we are possibly having the biggest celebration of indigo globally. From runways to street fashion, the color is just sending all kinds of bohemian vibes and we are lapping it up.

Now, we are sure you already have a few pieces in your wardrobe in indigo, be it a top, jeans, a dress, a kurta, or even a saree. So, we thought it would be fun to share a list of colors you can mix with your indigo’s with.

  1. Workplace appropriate: Go for shades like Camel Brown, Light Gray, Tan Brown, Olive Green, Bright White, Baby Pink, Bronze, and black
  2. Brunch or lunch-date: Canary yellow, Flaming Red, Rusty Orange, Fuchsia Pink, Dark Purple, Gold, and Magenta.
  3. Evening-out: Play with night tones like Silver, Navy Blue, Azure Blue, Oxblood Red, Forest Green, Emerald Green, and Charcoal Gray.

Indigo is just that perfect shade between a light blue and navy blue. Just the right kind of intensity for work-wear and at the same time not too drab for an evening out.

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