Festive Garb that Slays: Shashthir Shaaj
- September 18, 2019

The sixth day of Durga Puja is called Shashti and it’s a day when Hindus worship the sixth form of goddess Navadurga, also known as Katyayani. She takes a fierce form, that of a warrior goddess in this avatar. According to legend, Rishi Katyayani endured severe penance to have a goddess as a daughter. With the blessings of the Maa Durga herself, she was born to the Rishi who worshipped her and named her Katyayani. In this form, she rides a lion and has four hands – with a sword and lotus in her left hands and two right hands in Abhayamudra (fearlessness) and Varadamudra (dispensing of boons) gestures. This is a day her devotees (yogis/saints) focus on Agya (command) Chakra located between her eyebrows, helping in imparting wisdom. This is the day Pandals are erected in West Bengal, and marks the beginning of the pomp and gaiety in Kolkata, the City of Joy.

With the backstory covered, it’s now clear why our collection dedicated to this splendid day is all about strength, power and attitude. The colour red and blue are intense shades of the spectrum and indicators of the rage of the goddess in her ninth avatar. Silk was the choice of fabric to highlight the richness of the designs, and to let you cut a distinctive figure while you explore and admire the goddess’ idols in the numerous pandals. A conscious mix of simple and intricate designs bring out the essence of Durga Puja like a spiritual dream. With this addition, you will lend your Pujo wardrobe that dash of glamour and positivity that this festival embodies. Traditional designs with golden thread work only amplifies it’s regal appeal, and the patterns, heavy at the edges, make a subtle classy statement.

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