Festive Collection Series: Dwitiya Adwitiya
- September 16, 2019

Dwitiya refers to the second day of Navratri.This is a day Hindus worship Brahmacharini, the second of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Women observe fasting/vratas on this day to signify the great sacrifice/tapasya she had to undertake to attain Lord Shiva as her consort. Mantras are chanted and the goddess is worshipped with Panchopchar (fragrances, incenses, diyas, flowers and rice). Clothed in white, Brahmacharini teaches devotees the qualities of patience, virtue, sacrifice and detachment.

Penance which is clearly the strongest theme of this day is represented in the colour scheme of our Dwitiya Adwitiya collection. Imprinted finesse brings out the sincerity of the occasion while the black and gold combination keeps with the divine tone. Classic ethnic prints and innovative designs make these a must-have for your Puja wardrobe. Accessorize like the goddess herself and paint the day with some boho magic.

What’s more, the soft fabric of the ensemble will keep you comfortable even when you’re out pandal hopping with your friends or hitting your favourite stores for knick-knacks. The classic black not only promises to grab every eye as you make a statement, but adds a rich element of minimalism to your overall look.The gold motifs do their best to add a heavenly touch. So, if you’re in a Puja state of mind, visit Central, take your pick and get your outfit-of-the-day look sorted for Dwitiya!

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