Face the world in coral
- March 1, 2019

On days when you’re feeling a little adventurous with your look and more importantly have the time and inclination, we have just the right fix for you. MAKE-UP.

We would usually do a deep dive into a list of the seasons best products to add to your collection but this time around we want to do something different. Our focus and current crush is a happy pinkish hue called coral and believe it when we say that we are really feeling color.

Now, you’re probably thinking “um coral sounds great on a dress, but makeup…nah!”.

Hold that thought and allow us to change your mind. We have put together a list of easy essentials you can experiment with.

Cheeky Blush

Coral Makeup

While an everyday light pink is perfect to bring a pop of colors to those cheeks. What you’re really missing is a dash of color. The beauty of a coral blush is that it is softer than a pink or red and looks more natural on your skin, no matter what your skin tone might be. So, don’t shy away, give it a try.

Mesmerizing Eyes

Mesmerizing Eyes

Eyeshadows are the perfect product to kick-start a new makeup experiment with, so if you’re not ready for a coral blush, start here. Go for a coral shade with specks of gold for a soft effect on the eyes or a bold shade with a matte effect for a more dramatic look. The softer look works well for a day at work or a lunch with friends. Whereas we would reserve the matte look for a night out or an event. Just keep the rest of your makeup minimal and steer focus to the coral eyes.

Fluttering Lashes

Eye Makeup

This is a favorite amongst us, because it is low effort but high impact. Imagine your lashes gleaming a shade of coral. The thing with coral mascara is that it can be easily integrated to your look and works across the board for all outfits and occasions, okay except maybe an interview. Unless of course your potential employer is expecting you to look experimentive and stylish, then by all means pump up those lashes with a shade of coral.

Tell-All Lips

Tell-All Lips

Saved this for last because who doesn’t love to add a new lipstick to their collection. It’s almost like an uncontrollable problem, you see a pretty color and you must have it. Coral is one amongst those colors and sits beautifully on the Indian skin palette. So, try on a few shades on coral until you find the one which complements your skin tone like it rightfully deserves to be.

We don’t know about you, but we just needed an excuse to buy some new makeup and the light breezy shade of coral is just another reason.

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