Embroidered Tops

Embroidered Tops
- September 15, 2017
White Embroidered Tops

A few years back we couldn’t have imagined witnessing what happens behind the scenes of a Sabyasachi or an Alexander McQueen show. Today most of us are so aware of what is hot and what’s not in terms of fashion and styling. Thanks to the limitless access to global fashion icons and influential brands we enjoy via Instagram and Snapchat.

Even if you aren’t specifically looking for it, your social media feed and targeted advertisements will ensure that you know what is trending on popular e-commerce websites and what the celebrities are wearing. No longer do you wait for the monthly issue of Vogue like the women before us would have had to.

This year we have witnessed a resurgence of quite a few beloved trends of the past, stuff which would have been around when our mothers were in their teens or 20’s. And a lot of seems to be military inspired as well, think Shantanu & Nikhil’s A/w 17 Couture line and you will know what we are talking about. Detailing on clothing has become a major focus, it is more about the embellishments and embroidery than anything else. The intricacy, the colors, the texture, and the distribution of embroidery is what is catching our eye this season.

Embroidered detailing is reigning the runways since the onset of 2017 and while it began with being splashed everywhere from denims, to moto jackets, to shoes, and tops. What has remained popular in India up until now are the tops with embroidered details. Anytime you go out to a restaurant for a casual meal or for a party you will notice quite a few women in shirts, crops, and tops with embroidery.

The trend is no longer age specific either, women across the board are embracing the trend and are boldly wearing loud embroidered shirts even at the workplace. In fact, you walk into your favorite retail brand and you will see embroidered products in mass numbers and in various styles. From a brighter country style of embroidery pattern and colors to a more modern-voguish monotone palette with embellishment detailing as well. There is a time and place for both these styles.

When it comes to scouting out the best while you’re shopping, look for tops which combine one or more trends. Like go for a one-shoulder top with embroidered detailing around the neckline, or go for a crop with embroidery on the sleeves, or an off-shoulder with embroidery patches all over. For those of you who are lovers of the classic nothing beats a solid white shirt with bright embroidery on the lapel or shoulders, it’s the ultimate for workwear and it can be up-styled for a Sunday brunch as well.

Also, if you’re the good-with-your-hand kinds you can just as easily get a sewing kit and DIY your way to a custom shirt. If you are nodding while reading this and is considering it, then we really envy you because the last time we used a needle was in an art & craft class in school. (Shameful!)

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