Embroidered in Style
- May 2, 2018
Blue Embroidered Clothes

Sometimes months pass by and you never get to dust out your decadent ethnic-wear, yet you keep collecting pieces with the hope that at the next big wedding you will look flawless. We ourselves have a mounting pile of sarees and lush kurtas which are too much for low-key events and just perfect for big blowouts which barely come our way.

The solution?

Smart-shopping. That’s it. It sounds simple in theory but wait till you’re skimming through racks of clothes and your eye only steers towards the Padmavat kind of pieces. However, to build an ethnic-wardrobe which you can get the maximum out of, go for fusion pieces.

Fashionable Embroidered Clothes

The beauty of fusion pieces is that they blend in traditional designs with western silhouettes and cuts perfectly, thus creating a look which hits all the right notes. While shopping for fusion pieces there are 3 things to make a note of:

  1. Colors: Go for classic ethnic colors which not only work for your personal style but also complement the time of the year. Maharani pink, jodhpur blue, and aqua are perfect for the current season and can be worn year on year because they never go out of style
  2. Design: When it comes to the embroidery, print, or crystal-work, go for lighter details. Preferably on a part of your body which you would like to accentuate. If you have a flattering upper body look for pieces which have work on the top. Just make sure to grab pieces which scream- less is more. And this can also be true for pieces which have print all over, go for small prints which look airy and sublime.
  3. Add-ons: The icing on the cake with fusion pieces is that you have a lot of legroom to accessorize and you aren’t restricted to just traditional items. You can play around with mega-sized cocktail rings, shiny headbands, multi-layered necklaces in oxidized metals, and shoulder grazing earrings.

What we love most about fusion pieces is the flexibility to dress them up for a big shindig or dress them down for a small gathering.

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