Electric Blue
- September 13, 2017
Electric Blue Mens Suit

There isn’t a color as beloved as blue amongst both genders and across nations. Especially amongst men, they have gotten so accustomed to wearing the color that it’s almost second nature. Whether it’s work or casual wear, blue is almost always a natural choice unless advised otherwise.

In fact, if you look around your workplace the number of people you will see wearing a shade of blue will amuse you, whether it’s a shirt, denims, or a pair of shoes. This season though, the blue that is coming back is not a shade you see every day, it is a shade which shocks the viewer. Lo and behold- the Electric Blue is back and how.

There are a few unverified theories on where this neon shade of blue originated from and the one we found most fascinating was about a Prussian scientist, Dr. Busenitz. In an attempt to cure hiccups, the experimentive doctor injected silver nitrate into his living patient’s bodies and as the nitrate ran through the body the muscles began to glow a neon blue. Albeit a painful experiment Busenitz didn’t stop there until he found a way to extra the most pigmented shade of blue which we see today.

The extraction of the color blue and its many shades has always been an expensive method which is why the richest of shades are often the most expensive and for the longest time were worn only by the royalty. Thanks to industrialization though and mass-manufacturing of fast fashion shades like electric blue are readily available to us at the click of a button.

The few products that we see as absolute must-haves in electric blue this year which you can incorporate into your wardrobe based on how adventurous you’re feeling:

  1. Sporty sneakers
  2. A blazer
  3. A complete suit
  4. A windcheater
  5. Socks – If you’re not ready to go full-blue yet
  6. Lounging / Running shorts
  7. Brogues – Yes, give your brown ones a rest
  8. Tie + Pocket square combo
  9. Sporty sweatshirt
  10. Bright electric blue watch – (This is a personal favorite of ours)

This is probably going to be the most exciting revival of electric blue we have seen so far. We can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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