Digital Print

Digital Print
- September 13, 2017
Digital Print Shirts

Every season it seems that men’s fashion hits a new high and just when you think, ‘How will it get better next season? ‘Something interesting always creeps up. And this isn’t necessarily out of the box stuff, just good old tweaking of existing trends to make them more appealing.

A few years back prints came crashing down the menswear runway like a blast from the 60’s, there were bright yellows, reds, pinks, electric blues, greens in prints like mega flowers, topicals, abstract, and geometric. It was a fantastic feast for the eyes. And a signified a turning point in allowing men to get experimentive and turn on the swag machine.

Quirky prints on men’s clothing has enjoyed a few good years of success and is not backing down just yet. We think it is just seeping deeper into mainstream fashion and men who might have previously been wary of prints are now indulgent and isn’t that just the best news?

Most men are comfortable with micro prints and medium sized prints. The most popular being micro prints like boats, arrows, flowers, and random symbols. However, this season we see prints being a lot bigger and abstract in design. It’s time for digital prints to shine.

These prints are bold and make a statement. It could be a large landscape plastered across the front and back of a casual shirt in pastel hues, or a black and white monochrome print of animals on just one side of the shirt, or a random geometric object populating the entirety of a t-shirt or just one large symbol sitting dominatingly on the front of a shirt. Some might look dizzying yet there is symmetry and it is visually fixating.

Regardless of the how grand or subdued the digital print is, one or two additions to your wardrobe should set you up for those party-focused weekends or possibly a third date. We say third date because that’s the date you can be most flashy at. (Hey! that’s the experts say.)

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