Deeds of Denim
- April 25, 2018
Denim Fashion

Ask anyone to name that one piece of clothing they can’t imagine their wardrobe without and we can bet our ancestral land that it’s something in denim. (Kidding, we don’t have any ancestral land)

Now we aren’t here to talk about the hallowed skinny jeans, we want to spend some time musing over other equally delicious denim pieces. Think a well-structured jacket, a sleek pencil skirt, a loose button-down shirt, or even a classic pair of trusty shorts. These might sound like traditional pieces, but we are absolutely feeling the vibe right now.

The three pieces that we are absolutely loving are a loose button-down shirt, jumpsuit, and a short-shorts. No matter what your body type, these pieces should be a staple part of your wardrobe seeing as they are bound to stand the winds of change. What we are thinking of in terms of styling is a dollop of white splattered all over the blues of denims.

Blue Denim Clothes

Sure, it sounds done and dusted but we like breathing life into the classics every opportunity we get. When it comes to a button-down shirt we are thinking creamy white flared jeans or long linen pants for a very retro feel. This doubled with yellow and silver tone accessories will be the perfect look for a casual day of shopping or lounging with your girlfriends.

Next up on our list is a pair of indulgent short-shorts and if you’ve been doing your squats and lunges then you’re probably aching to show off your hard work. Pair your shorts with a sheer kurta and a thin or thick belt. Finish the look with some espadrilles and you’re good to hit the road.

The last piece in our hall of classic fame is the never-say-die jumpsuit. We love this one for its versatility as you can style it with a white off-shoulder, crop tee, or dress shirt. Each pairing serves a different occasion and conveys a different mood and feeling. If you’re feeling sporty and casual go for the crop, for a smart casual look the dress shirt, and if it’s a brunch or lunch-date the off-shoulder is your ammo. When it comes to accessories give your look a retro finish, with hoops, chunky earrings, or a hair-tie in red or yellow.

We are most excited about the jumpsuit at this point, what about you?

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