Cool as a Cucumber
- April 11, 2018
Unique Dressing Style

If you’re anything like us, then you’re a lover of fusion fashion. And we don’t blame you, it’s the best of both worlds. You get mix and match both your fashion personas and express your personal style in a unique way.

This season we are emphasizing a lot more on mixing and matching and really settling into the feel of celebrating some quintessentially locals prints and colors and blending them with the structure and predictability of fitted shirts and slick denims. When you think of cool summer fits and prints we are sure that your mind conjures up shades of blue and breathable fabrics. It’s just how it is.

Shirt Skirt Combo

We took this beautiful summer feeling and translated it into no-fuss looks which you can slip into easily for work and blend in just as smoothly for a night-out or a brunch. We vote for brunches, summers are meant for heady brunches after all. If an evening of playing is what’s on your mind we would go for a high-slit indigo blue kurta with flowy panels paired with white or pastel pink ankle-length skinny jeans. For accessories either go bold with red and yellow retro styled hoops or oxidized metals.

However, when it comes to a more work-appropriate look we would suggest clean lines, clean lines, and more clean lines. Pair a micro-print cowl-neck navy blue kurta with black or olive-green cigarette pants. Stay safe of flowy silhouettes at the workplace, they just don’t scream appropriate and instead come-off a little lazy. After all being a boss-lady is also about power dressing and that comes with structured no-nonsense clothing.

We saved the best for last, and it’s a brunch look! (yaay to bottomless brunches)

Home-style your hair into soft curls, if you haven’t self-curled your hair yet then Pinterest is your guide and complement those curls with a heavily printed powder blue or bright-indigo button down kurta. Give your kurta a twist by leaving the buttons open and sporting a bralette inside and tying the look together with a silver or camel brown belt. Skip the flat shoes and go for either leather platform brogues or heels which will last you a few hours.

Summers are meant for experimenting ladies, so don’t shy away into your comfort zone. Come out and shine.

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