Color, Color, which color to choose
- March 20, 2019

Doesn’t it happen, that when you look at someone in a particular color and you see their face lit up and you immediately think “oh, she looks nice in that color”?

Colors hold this cool magic you see.

Think about it. Those perfectly well-fitted blue jeans which always makes you feel great, that top in your favorite shade of pink which shows off your curves, but appropriate enough for work, and let’s not forget that kurta in that perfect shade of cream which is your go-to for when you need to look and feel great but are also in a hurry.

While there is only so much one can experiment with colors at work, vacations are a whole new playground. And this season colors are on a wide spectrum, so a lot for you to choose from and say, “That is so going to be my vacation color!”

Chilled-out Pastels

Pastel Pink Fashion

Now if you’re planning a vacation centered about being zen and calm yet want to have a little carefree fun on the side then pastels are the way to go. Pastel shades like powder blue, pastel pink, mauve, and light yellow are your ticket to ace zen-vacation fashion.

Imagine yourself in a pastel pink off-shoulder dress, a brown fedora, and huge shades. Just staring into the endless beach and feeling all calm, all the while sipping your favorite drink.

Manic Neon’s

Maniac Neon Fashion

An action-packed vacation with adventure sports and a lineup of adrenaline activities requires the right colors to reflect and feel that energy. We are thinking, neon. Its right on trend and is just the perfect color to complement your activities and of course looks crazy great in pictures. You will pretty much look like an image of energy.

Statement Corals

Statement Corals Fashion

Not all vacations are about rest and relaxation and hyper-energetic activities. Some vacations are just, as we call them “lifestyle vacations”. Wherein you are dressed to slay, and your only goal is to immerse in the local culture and indulge in some decadent food and comforting shopping. For a vacation like this, we are thinking corals. The most high-fashion color on our mood board for the season and only a lifestyle vacation is a suitable arena to strut around in coral.

Think a white button-down shirt dress with a thin coral blazer thrown on and comfortable white sneakers to walk for days.

Down to Earth

Latest Trends For Women

Rustic and earthy shades deserve a special place in vacation fashion. While these shades can’t be boxed into a kind of vacation, they should be a part of all types of vacations. The beach kind, the lifestyle kind, and the adventurous kind.

Every vacation wardrobe requires an earthy outfit to dial it down a few notches just when you’re in the mood to reconnect with yourself with a book and your favorite vacation partner.

Colors hold this humble power to express our personality. And we love how this season, allows us a broad range of color trends to pick from and go with.

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