Checked Trousers

Checked Trousers
- September 13, 2017
Checked Trousers

What is today a common print we see stocked up in most stores was originally banned from being manufactured for over 50 years.

Checks originated in the 1500s in the Scottish region but only became mainstream when the British and American manufacturers started experimenting with the print. Between the 1850s-1900s the pattern became a rage from being used in interior decoration to full-blown pant-suits for men.

It was only in the mid 90’s that the pattern became associated with being rebellious when lead members from iconic brands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam threw on a checked shirt and made grunge fashion cool.

Forward to 2017, checks continue to be ruling the roost and we must say that they aren’t too shabby. And you know what we have our eyes on? A dapper pair of checked trousers.

If you’re serious about trying something new then these are the kind of pants you need in your wardrobe right now

  1.  Slick Navy-blue and black checked trousers – For work: Pair with a crisp black shirt and black oxfords. Roll-up your sleeves to keep it casual-smart. – For fun: Pair with a polo neck in black or white and a pair of leather slip-ons in dark blue, black, or white.
  2. Classic Grey and White checked trousers – For work: Pair with shirts in white, black, pink, maroon, or mustard. Go for black lace-up shoes and keep ‘em shiny. – For fun: Pair with casual shirts, polos, or Henley’s in pretty much any color you’re in the mood for. Our money is on a trendy lavender shade. Trust us, it’s going to work. Stick to casual shoes in white or black.
  3. Playful Green and Blue checked trousers – For work: If you’re feeling quirky enough to wear these to work then you should make it work to perfection. Pair with either a white or powder blue shirt and brown shoes to complete the look. Also, don’t forget to double-up on the swag. – For fun: These pants are all about the fun. Pair it with your casual tees, or casual shirts and throw on a bow-tie if you’re feeling extra spiffy.

Don’t shrug away these pants just yet, give them go and get ready to get severely checked out.

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