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Sweatshirt With Either Denim Or Jogger

Slipping into a sweatshirt over your jeans has always been synonymous with the ultimate comfort and casualness. Think back to your high school and college days and we are sure a certain favorite sweatshirt comes to mind which was your go-to for when you were too lazy to bother. (Read: No clean clothes)

Over the last few years however sweatshirts have emerged with a fresh face courtesy celebrity stylists who are making it look cool again. Be it Chris Pratt, David Beckham, Liam Hemsworth, Nick Jonas, Aaron Paul, you name a fashionable celeb and there is a paparazzi shot out there of them wearing a sweatshirt with jeans or joggers with the coolest sneakers to boot.

In today’s day sweatshirts are more than just comfortable staples, they are a statement by themselves. Better-fitted, stylish prints, bolder brand logos, and quirky statements. And no longer does a sweatshirt have to be worn when you’re unwell or playing sports. A stylish one can be worn to a night-out as well.

Here is how you can choose between a baggy or smartly fitted sweatshirt:


1. Broad Shoulders

  • You can choose either a baggy or fitted one and can afford to experiment with prints, bold colors, big logos and messaging.

2. Wider torso

  • Go for a fitted sweatshirt over a baggy one to avoid adding visual bulk to your look. Solid colors and smaller logo detailing will work best for you.

3. Narrow Shoulders

  • Fitted sweatshirts are your best friend and when it comes to colors and prints just go with the flow.

If you’re going for a baggy style pair it with slim or skinny fit denims and casual shoes or lifestyle sneakers. However, if you’re leaning towards a well-fitted sweatshirt pair it with joggers or slim fit denims and complete the look with lifestyle shoes or boots.

And if you’re still looking for a little more inspiration, just hit-up one of the celebs mentioned above and thank us later.

Paneled Shirt

The ticket to going from ‘meh’ to ‘hot-damn’ is a paneled shirt. We might just have oversimplified it but then we know a good trend when we see it.

There are only so few ways you can style a casual shirt when you’re heading out on the weekend or have a special occasion to turn up the heat for. While a well-fitted shirt in the right color and print will do the trick most times, a shirt with paneled detailing is a new staple you might just have to add to your wardrobe.

So, what is this paneled detail we are going on about?

Typically, a casual shirt which is divided into two halves either by color or print.

For example: visualize a shirt mustard yellow with the bottom half of the shirt being navy blue. (Nice, right?)

The colors don’t necessarily have to be contrasting as described above, they can seamlessly blend into each other like from white to powder blue, black to grey, blue to dark grey, olive to brown, solid to print — it’s just an endless array of combinations so that you aren’t limited. Whatever tickles your fashion bone, there is something for you.

The versatility of the paneled detailing is what we like most about it. Our stylists say that you can wear a paneled-detail shirt with slim fit formal pants and oxfords for a formal occasion while at the same time a bold paneled shirt can be paired with your favorite pair of denims or joggers and your coolest sneakers and just like that you’re set for the weekend.

Give your printed shirts a break next weekend and grab some paneled shirts to make eyes-pop. Now who doesn’t want that.

Electric Blue

There isn’t a color as beloved as blue amongst both genders and across nations. Especially amongst men, they have gotten so accustomed to wearing the color that it’s almost second nature. Whether it’s work or casual wear, blue is almost always a natural choice unless advised otherwise.

In fact, if you look around your workplace the number of people you will see wearing a shade of blue will amuse you, whether it’s a shirt, denims, or a pair of shoes. This season though, the blue that is coming back is not a shade you see every day, it is a shade which shocks the viewer. Lo and behold- the Electric Blue is back and how.

There are a few unverified theories on where this neon shade of blue originated from and the one we found most fascinating was about a Prussian scientist, Dr. Busenitz. In an attempt to cure hiccups, the experimentive doctor injected silver nitrate into his living patient’s bodies and as the nitrate ran through the body the muscles began to glow a neon blue. Albeit a painful experiment Busenitz didn’t stop there until he found a way to extra the most pigmented shade of blue which we see today.

The extraction of the color blue and its many shades has always been an expensive method which is why the richest of shades are often the most expensive and for the longest time were worn only by the royalty. Thanks to industrialization though and mass-manufacturing of fast fashion shades like electric blue are readily available to us at the click of a button.

The few products that we see as absolute must-haves in electric blue this year which you can incorporate into your wardrobe based on how adventurous you’re feeling:

  1. Sporty sneakers
  2. A blazer
  3. A complete suit
  4. A windcheater
  5. Socks – If you’re not ready to go full-blue yet
  6. Lounging / Running shorts
  7. Brogues – Yes, give your brown ones a rest
  8. Tie + Pocket square combo
  9. Sporty sweatshirt
  10. Bright electric blue watch – (This is a personal favorite of ours)

This is probably going to be the most exciting revival of electric blue we have seen so far. We can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Digital Print

Every season it seems that men’s fashion hits a new high and just when you think, ‘How will it get better next season? ‘Something interesting always creeps up. And this isn’t necessarily out of the box stuff, just good old tweaking of existing trends to make them more appealing.

A few years back prints came crashing down the menswear runway like a blast from the 60’s, there were bright yellows, reds, pinks, electric blues, greens in prints like mega flowers, topicals, abstract, and geometric. It was a fantastic feast for the eyes. And a signified a turning point in allowing men to get experimentive and turn on the swag machine.

Quirky prints on men’s clothing has enjoyed a few good years of success and is not backing down just yet. We think it is just seeping deeper into mainstream fashion and men who might have previously been wary of prints are now indulgent and isn’t that just the best news?

Most men are comfortable with micro prints and medium sized prints. The most popular being micro prints like boats, arrows, flowers, and random symbols. However, this season we see prints being a lot bigger and abstract in design. It’s time for digital prints to shine.

These prints are bold and make a statement. It could be a large landscape plastered across the front and back of a casual shirt in pastel hues, or a black and white monochrome print of animals on just one side of the shirt, or a random geometric object populating the entirety of a t-shirt or just one large symbol sitting dominatingly on the front of a shirt. Some might look dizzying yet there is symmetry and it is visually fixating.

Regardless of the how grand or subdued the digital print is, one or two additions to your wardrobe should set you up for those party-focused weekends or possibly a third date. We say third date because that’s the date you can be most flashy at. (Hey! that’s the experts say.)

Checked Trousers

What is today a common print we see stocked up in most stores was originally banned from being manufactured for over 50 years.

Checks originated in the 1500s in the Scottish region but only became mainstream when the British and American manufacturers started experimenting with the print. Between the 1850s-1900s the pattern became a rage from being used in interior decoration to full-blown pant-suits for men.

It was only in the mid 90’s that the pattern became associated with being rebellious when lead members from iconic brands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam threw on a checked shirt and made grunge fashion cool.

Forward to 2017, checks continue to be ruling the roost and we must say that they aren’t too shabby. And you know what we have our eyes on? A dapper pair of checked trousers.

If you’re serious about trying something new then these are the kind of pants you need in your wardrobe right now

  1.  Slick Navy-blue and black checked trousers – For work: Pair with a crisp black shirt and black oxfords. Roll-up your sleeves to keep it casual-smart. – For fun: Pair with a polo neck in black or white and a pair of leather slip-ons in dark blue, black, or white.
  2. Classic Grey and White checked trousers – For work: Pair with shirts in white, black, pink, maroon, or mustard. Go for black lace-up shoes and keep ‘em shiny. – For fun: Pair with casual shirts, polos, or Henley’s in pretty much any color you’re in the mood for. Our money is on a trendy lavender shade. Trust us, it’s going to work. Stick to casual shoes in white or black.
  3. Playful Green and Blue checked trousers – For work: If you’re feeling quirky enough to wear these to work then you should make it work to perfection. Pair with either a white or powder blue shirt and brown shoes to complete the look. Also, don’t forget to double-up on the swag. – For fun: These pants are all about the fun. Pair it with your casual tees, or casual shirts and throw on a bow-tie if you’re feeling extra spiffy.

Don’t shrug away these pants just yet, give them go and get ready to get severely checked out.