Bolder in Blue
- June 22, 2018
Bolder in Blue

Rather Be Blue

If there is ever a time that we get super obsessive about a shade of color, it is around this time of the season and it is always Indigo Blue. We want it in our home decor, our tableware, our surroundings, and of course most importantly in our wardrobes.

Fun fact about this hypnotic shade of blue? In the 9th century to procure this shade of blue was as expensive as a trade item as was gold. Can you imagine that, having to choose between gold earrings or a pot of color? Talk about a crisis. Of courses if you were Chinese or Middle Eastern Royalty you’d have both and in plenty.

Coming back to the present, all we have to do now is run to the nearest mall or plop down in front of our laptops or phones and just add-add-add ‘to basket’. We would not have survived the 9th century, ladies. Phew.

This season, we want to focus on very casual stylings of the indigo blue with key items like

  • Flowy kurtas
  • Jackets
  • Midi Skirts
  • Pants

As long as they are available in indigo and breezy fabrics they belong in our must-have items list. However, the one thing we could do differently this season, lies in the season. Here is what we are thinking is terms of complementary colors and accessories.

To make your indigo blue pop even more, pair it with lime green instead of red or yellow. Not only is lime green a close contrast to indigo blue it is also as fresh as citrus and will give you that little spring of energy you need to get yourself to work on Monday. Some of the pieces to experiment with in green would be, a crushed dupatta, kolhapuris, bindi, bracelets, a bucket bag, or even nail polish.

Once you have your lime green item in place, the next thing to glam up your indigo blue is… accessories! Since you’re playing with indigo blue and lime green you can go either go classic with silver accessories or make it interesting with accessories in shades of blue. Think elaborate earrings and necklaces in thread and metal. This way all the shades of blue blend together and the only color to tie it all up becomes the lime green. Now, that’s a vision we can get on-board with.

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