Boho Blues
- May 7, 2018

When you imagine the perfect boho-outfit we are sure that the first few colors that come to your mind are bright shades of yellow, red, and pinks peppered with white. And not to forget embroidered detailing and layers of silver jewelry. While this sounds perfect, we have our eyes set on a more upscale boho-look.

A deep midnight blue is where our minds at, thoughts of being draped in sheets of serene blue, no clutter just visual harmony. We aren’t just picturing good old classic solid blue, our spring summer boho-vision is more along the lines of bursts of florals, mini-tassels, and complementary embroidery.

Blue Dresses

Some key pieces that you will need to ride the summer bathed in boho-blue, are a little like the list we have built below:

  1. Boss Pants: A pair of skinny fit ankle length pants in midnight blue, with embroidery or glass-work detailing at the waist or edges are a statement piece. If subtle boho is your thing then this piece is your baby. You can style it up with a floral top with tassels or dress it down with a button-down blue shirt. Accessorize with chunky bangles in salmon pink and gold.
  2. Ethnic Essential: Next up is long A-line kurta with button detailing and embroidery at the top in bright hues of pinks and greens. A piece like this can be worn traditionally as well as with a pair of denims if you open the buttons and let it fall like a duster. Accessorize with a layered necklace in silver and a few rings.
  3. Goddess Maxi: An all-time favorite in your spring-summer wardrobe has to be a vacation-ready maxi. Something long, something flowy, and something with a lot of drama. A midnight blue dress with crazy floral patterns is just what you need. Style it with a thick waist-belt preferably one with embroidery or metal detailing. And complete the look the with camel brown strappy flats and shoulder-grazing earrings. Tie your hair up in a messy bun or side-sweep your hair so that your earrings get their day in the sun.

The last thing and possibly the most important aspect of your look is the make-up, keep yourself hydrated, lather on some sunscreen, and keep those lips bright.

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