- September 13, 2017
Floral Print Ethnic Wear

Hello to the end of 2017 and here we are still rehashing the ‘Floral’ trend. No, it isn’t surprising since florals bloom on the runways in one way or another almost every year. It is only the method in which it gets interpreted each time around which is interesting to witness.

This year, trends have been all about revival of the 80’s, patterns are bold, colors are bright and silhouettes are strong. Designers are mixing patterns and colors on a caffeine rush and the results are drool-worthy.

For a long time, florals have been synonymous with femininity pertaining to soft colors, rolling fabrics, small patterns, and all things romantic. Not anymore though, dark and dominating flower-power is the message this year and it is apt given the surge of women globally standing up for what’s rightly theirs. Be it the workplace or social issues, we are hearing more voices uniting and not backing down. And we must say, it is the need of the hour.

Silhouettes are structured, prints are out-there, and the colors are bursting with infectious energy. Florals have got a facelift and we aren’t complaining. And you know the one designer who has caught our fancy? Michael Kors. If there is anyone who is doing florals right this season, it is this magician.

Everything from retro-esque bikinis, structured jackets, pantsuits, wrapped dresses, short crops, to minis are going to be splashed in floral prints and ready to be integrated into your ever-expanding wardrobe.

If you’re looking for something dark and dominant go for tops or dresses in black with yellow or red florals, or opt for a white blazer with black flowers. If you’re swaying towards the dreamier kind then go for sheer fabrics with watercolor-like floral prints. While we recommend going full-floral with a dress, if your personal style leans towards the ‘I’m not into prints’ then your gateway into this trend is accessories.

Neat messenger bags, and tote bags with florals embroidery or bags with floral decals stuck-on are a great way to add the trend to your look while at the same time maintaining your love for the minimal. You can also add another dimension to your look with a pair of floral embroidered shoes. We are thinking a pair of luxe velvet slip-ons in navy blue with some ornate floral embroidery details at the tip. Not only is this a casual way to add the trend to your wardrobe, you will also have an interesting pair of shoes for years to come.

Love it or hate it, florals are cropping up everywhere and we cannot stop them from claiming a fashion season which is rightly theirs.

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