Beam me up
- March 19, 2019

Experimenting with a shade of neon can be equal parts fun and equal parts scary because you can either hit the nail on the head or go so very wrong. Striking a fine balance can be nerve-wrecking, so we did all the homework and are ready to spill.

Yes, we are those cool back-benchers who also take notes from time to time.

Yell Pink

Latest Styles for Women

The look: Neon pink midi dress + black/maroon brogues or slides + black clutch

Styling: Neon pink is visually heavy, balance it with just a great pair of shoes and a mini clutch or sling bag. Skip the accessories and wear a nude pink/brown shade of lipstick.

Envious Green

Latest Styles for Women

The look: All black turtleneck knit dress + dark green boots/sneakers + neon green slouchy bag

Styling: Neon green requires a strong color to anchor it yet give it space to shine and there isn’t a better shade in fashion than black. Right? Right?

Accessorize with light silver-toned accessories, maybe just a pair of shiny studs would be perfect. Let the green shine brightest.

Yellow Day

Latest Styles for Women

The look: White bootcut pants/ jeans + neon yellow button-down shirt/kurta + beige perspex detail heels

Styling: Neon yellow is much easier to style as compared to its other neon brothers and sisters. With this look go big on the accessories and go for either a layered neck-piece in silver or big jhumkas in silver.

Oh Orange!

Latest Styles for Women

The look: Neon orange casual blazer + white tee + blue jeans + white sneakers

Styling: Neon orange is possibly a styling favorite, it immediately perks up any look and makes you appear fresh and full of energy. Style this look with softly curled hair pushed to one side and pump up those lashes with mascara and skip the eyeliner.

Electric Feel

Latest Outfits for Women

The look: Neon blue round neck tee + high-waist midi length denim skirt + neon yellow sneakers/ kitten heels.

Styling: Neon blue is the easiest to incorporate into your wardrobe before you go all out with a neon pink or yellow. Style this look with a tiny bag in black or neon yellow and complete the look with offbeat silver toned accessories.

If you’re feeling wild start with neon pink, and if you’re just not ready to go all out just yet then we suggest trying look #2.

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