Banarasi Dupattas With Gold and Cream Festive Wear
- September 13, 2017
Banarasi Dupatta Designs

We are suckers for fashion-history and total research geeks when it comes to anything runway related. The most intriguing aspect is dissecting where a particular trend, product , designer, or fabric originated from and what the creative journey thus far has been like.

One of our current love affairs is a sizzling one with the Banarasi Silk. This fabric which is a brilliant piece of magical work is a fine balance of Mughal-style craftsmanship and Persian motifs and designs. In fact, the method and creative process which goes into making a beautiful Banarasi is an art which has been passed down from one generation to the next.

A Banarasi Saree, as blindingly beautiful as it is not easy to handle unless you’re a natural with a saree or have years of carrying one with ease. Our fix for this is a Banarasi Dupatta, it is convenient to drape over your kurtas, and at the same time has the same sheen and artistry a saree would. Plus, it doubles up as a superhero’s cape. (That’s right, you read that correctly)

This season, we have our hearts set on one Banarasi Dupatta. Okay okay, picture this, a creamy white dupatta with weaves of gold in a dizzying pattern or delicate motifs in gold with a bold border in gleaming gold.

A classic color palette of gold and white is just the kind of staple one needs during the season of endless festivities. You can pair your gold and white Banarasi with a monochrome look, so that your dupatta is the show-stealer.

  1. Bombs Away A floor-length anarkali kurta in soft pink or fuchsia pink are just the right partners in crime for a Diwali lunch party, a reception, or just an occasion which calls for dusting out your ethnic-wear.
  2. Dream Theme A mustard yellow and gold kurta with mustard leggings adorned with the Banarasi dupatta in gold and white are just what you need for a mehendi party.
  3. Nothing Baesic A rusty brown-red or light brown silk kurta with flared palazzos in the same color and fabric are just what you need to make your gold and white dupatta pop and pounce.

*Accessorize with a gold maang-tikka. Another something we are crushing on this season.

Next time you wrap yourself in a Banarasi, take a moment to think about the idea that you’re wearing a piece of creative history. A father would have once taught his son how to weave and dye the silk to perfection and you get to adorn that secret today, years later. (Goosebumps)

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