Airport Fashion
- July 3, 2019

Travel fashion is serious business today. It must be a balance of being on-trend yet comfortable thus making it worthy of the gram and those endless selfies. The key to nailing this whole travelling in style gig is to look for clothes which can breathe and can be layered if needed. And one major accessory which can pull the look together with ease and style.

Ready for some inspiration? Let’s get into it


Effortless Coordinates (Anchal Bharadwaj)

Look: Create your own co-ord look by pairing breathable and roomy linen pants in white with a top in the same shade. You can go sultry with your top style based on how long/short your journey is. If it’s too long then go for something structured yet roomy but if you have a short flight to a fun destination then go the super sultry way. The best thing about this look is that it can be layered, either with a duster jacket, sheer jacket, or a warm jacket to keep you cozy on flight.

Accessorize like a queen with reflective shades, pearl hair clips, or stacked rings. Whatever your personal style is. As for shoes, chunky sneakers in white are a solid winner.

Sporty Minimalist (Dimpi Sanghvi)

Look: Distressed denim shorts paired with a fun bralette and millennial pink sneakers. When you have an action-packed vacation planned and are ready to get into the mood right from the get-go, then this look is for you. Carry an oversized bomber jacket in an olive green and a small wrap in cream or ivory to keep those legs cozy during your flight.

Accessorize with oversized shades and red lips. Nothing more needed.


Neon Basics (Varun Verma)

Look: Can neons really become part of our “basic” wardrobe you ask. We say yes. Shades of neons aren’t backing down anytime soon and when better to go all neon than on vacation, imagine all those great pictures you will back to. If you aren’t ready to go neon yellow yet, start with a neon blue.

Accessorize neon looks with neutrals sneakers like in white, black, or gray. And don’t forget to pomade that hair.

Like the celebs do it (Karron Dhingra)

Look: Classic joggers in black paired with a graphic detailed sunny-side-up yellow tee. If you’re more street style and edgy then this is the look for you. A personal favorite of ours and a look that every man should own. The black of the joggers creates a visual frame for the yellow to stand out and the graphic details tone the yellow done and make the look stand out.

Throw on your favorite sunnies and accessorize with a cross-body belt bag in black or dark navy to tie the look together and create balance.

Pack some sunscreen and extra shoes and don’t forget to take a gajillion pictures.

Wait, is that even a word. Probably not. However, you get the drift.

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