Achieving that work-life balance in style
- July 19, 2019

At the end of a work week when you’re looking for a break from your usual weekend activity of lounging and binge-watching your current favorite Netflix show, there are a few great departures from the usual. A few of these include a yoga class in the park, a road trip to lesser known destination close by, or even a one-day course in mixology with your bestie.

And here’s how you kill those occasions with just the right outfits.

Mood for Mixology

Learning something new and fun should always be on the agenda and is only better when you have a partner in crime to share it with. Now, a fun activity like a mixology class needs a laid-back minimal outfit which is comfortable, chic, and allows for movement.

Women (Srishti Agarwal):

Look: Pair a staple white tee with a high-waist skirt in a neutral shade of gray to taupe with an asymmetric hem to add an element of fun. Complete the look with some bright sneakers if you’re feeling funky or white sneakers if you like it classic. Keep your lips bright and the rest of your face minimal. To accessorize go with pearl-detailed hair clips on the side.

Men (Karron Dhingra):

Look: Pair a printed shirt in a neutral color palette with well-fitted black shorts. Make sure the printed shirt is all-personality because it’s the center of your look, so skip on being safe. Complete the look loafers in black or white and accessorize with a watch. Pomade your hair to give your face a slick look and keep that facial hair groomed. Everyone is a sucker for well-groomed hair, trust us we know a thing or two.

Road trip to Nowhere

It’s all about the journey packed with selfies, snacks, and conversation and less about the destination. For a road trip comfort and layers of chic pieces are the key.

Women (Dimpi Sanghvi):

Look: A solution to most travel looks is a pair of comfortable denim shorts. Pair it with a cropped top or a bralette and layer with an oversized jacket. Complete the look with on-trend mirror-lens sunglasses and sneakers.

Men (Varun Verma):

Look: Pair a comfortable loosely fitted tee in white with slick printed polo shorts in brown and layer with a blue chambray shirt. Complete the look with white or navy-blue sneakers. And accessorize with a watch and your favorite vacation sunglasses.

Yogi’s are stylish too

If you aren’t guilty of drooling over yoga leggings on Instagram, then we don’t know how you have that kind of self-control. We for one have a few uncountable leggings bookmarked for that magical day we embark on our yogi transformation.

Women (Samidha Singh):

Look: See a pair of crazy printed yoga leggings? Yes, buy them. Pair those with a very comfortable short tee or knot up a long tee to let your abs breathe. With a pair of printed leggings, you want to keep your tee neutral like a white or black so that the leggings take center stage and outfit looks balanced. Complete the look with a bright yoga mat and a comfortable hair tie to keep your hair from falling all over your face in a mess. Carry a jacket or sweatshirt for later which you can throw on.

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