A class apart
- June 22, 2018
Olive Pants Women

Ever so often we stare at our wardrobes and think, “Okay, so I have nothing interesting to wear”. Then we spiral and go on a shopping binge and yet somehow, we end up picking up the same kind of clothes. And just like that we are back to square one.

The key to a fun wardrobe is to add a few pieces which are at the opposite spectrum of your usual style. We have curated a set of styles which are absolutely on point in terms of colors, cuts, and lines. And the perfect additions to your wardrobe for the season, and a little more.

Let’s begin with small details, like the neckline. While the cold-shoulder is still raging on, push it aside for a bit and lookout for necklines with standout details like embroidery and glass-work or something basic but the structure of the neckline should be sharp and not droopy. The idea is to look sharp and ready. These necklines are especially great for workwear and for fuss-free dressing when you don’t want to look too hard and instead just want to throw something on and look well put together.

The next element to flood your wardrobe with is, embellishments! Not over-the-top bling on everything, some subtle detailing in neutral colors is the way to go. A little on the neckline, cuffs, hems of your silk pants, or possibly a skirt with scattered embellishments all over. The one thing to keep in mind though is that the embellishments mustn’t jump out and should instead be in the same color as the fabric. So that it just adds a little depth to the outfit instead of looking like a parade for no apparent reason.

Olive Beige Women Clothing

Last one and possibly our hot favorite at the moment, is a pair of tiered trousers. Culottes? We are so over them, okay fine maybe not, but we do need a break from them. And in come trousers which look like a hot marriage between Jasmines harem pants and a slick pair of palazzos. What we love about tiered trousers is the understated drama, which let’s be honest- who doesn’t love? So, before you have a mini meltdown looking at your wardrobe, hop out for some retail therapy this weekend.

Oh, and before we forget, let your color palette be earth-goddess inspired. Think creams, dull gold’s, camels, mustards, and mehndi greens. Ah! Just reading those colors makes us want to dress-up and pretend like we are shooting for a lifestyle magazine.

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