A celebration in itself – Nabami Nabarupa

Maha Navami is the ninth day of Navratri festival and is the final day of worship before Vijaya Dashami, the end of Navratri & Durga Pujo. On this day, Goddess Durga is worshipped in different forms in different parts of the country. According to mythology, Devi Durga’s battle against Mahishasur lasted for nine days. The ninth day is the final day before the Goddess won over the evil with her power and wisdom. So Maha Navami is also considered the eve of starting anything new on Vijaya Dashami.

Maha Navami is the third day of Durga Puja. This starts with a holy bath following which Shodhasopachar puja is done. On this day Devi Durga is worshipped as Mahishasuramardini, meaning the Goddess who killed Mahishasur. The devotees worship the ninth form of Goddess Durga – Maa Siddhidatri. Her name means the one who grants or fulfils every wish; Siddhi means supernatural power or meditative ability, and Dhatri means the one blesses or gives that power. After worshipping the nine manifestations of Maa Shakti, the tenth day will be celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra.

To celebrate the last day of the festival, Central brings to you its gorgeous festive look – Nabami Nabarupa that is sure to make you look like the goddess herself. Satin fabrics woven in gold, printed in shimmer foil imprints cut out in retro designs look graceful and enticing. Shades of silver and nudes give it an extra oomph that matches with its flowing designs, layered sleeves and graceful churidars. Elegance will become you, when you don this look at the last day of pandal hopping. The crowd will swoon to your grace when you sway in these while doing the Dhanuchi dance.

Gold and red contrast accessories in shoes, earrings and neck-pieces is what will etch sophistication to this look. This essentially is an ensemble that feels and looks like a celebration in itself. Seek blessings from Maa Durga in this beautiful attire as she leaves to come back next year. Choose this Nabami Nabarupa look that are sure to take everybody breathe away when you make an entrance in this at your favourite pandal. Only one place to find attires that match your festive mood, visit a Central near you! Happy Dusshera!

Ashtami Anjali – Paint the town red

Durgashtami is the eighth day of the Navratri or Durga Puja festival that is celebrated across various parts of India. This day is attributed to Goddess Shakti, an avatar of Durga who is symbolic of eternal power and the victory of ‘good’ over the ‘evil’. Durgashtami commences from ‘Mahalaya’ in the Indian month of Ashwin. On this day, the deity is worshipped as Goddess Gauri.

Being a symbol of purity, serenity and tranquility, Maha Gauri is said to put an end to all the suffering of her devotees. The Goddess is shown a lighted lamp for 7 times and the special Durga Saptashati mantra is recited 108 times.

Goddess Kali emerged from the forehead of Devi Durga on this day and killed Mahishasur — the king of Demons and his associates—Chanda and Munda. Devotees of Goddess Durga keep a day long fast on this day. Goddess Durga is worshipped by establishing a ‘ghat’ in front, red sandalwood paste, fruits, flowers, sweets, betel leaves, cardamom and coins are distributed among the kin.

Shades of red is what you need to celebrate this auspicious day of Ashtami. Fusions of netted capes, lehengas, blouses and kurtas in combination of gold, merged beautifully with scarlet is your answer to festive look. Accessorize it with matching high strappy heels, long dangling earrings and a huge pendant with clinking bangles to complete the graceful outfit. If delicate designs, flowy fabrics and contemporary crafts is your thing, this look is perfect for you.

This Ashtami Anjali look from Central is just what you need to take the celebrations a notch up. Silks, nets, gotta patti work with floral motifs is what makes this look very special while being so beautiful too. It’s time to refresh your ethnic style this Durga Pujo, especially crafted for you by Central. Go visit the nearest Central store for a traditional yet lovely makeover this festive season.

Ring in the Seventh Day of Celebration: Saptami Shondha

Saptami, or the seventh day of Navratri is the day Goddess Kalratri is worshipped. This form is known as a destroyer of negative energy and demons, and devotees seek her blessings to eliminate problems from their lives. The Devi, although an epitome of power and war, is known to be giving when it comes to her worshippers.

Legend has it, two demons – invaded devlok, also known as the realm of demigods. These demigods prayed and sought the help of Goddess Parvati, who transformed into Goddess Chandika to battle demons away from devlok, ultimately taking the form of Goddess Chamunda to kill the demons. Saptami Pujan is considered auspicious, and devotees perform rituals and observe fast to seek the goddess’ blessings. This avatar of Maa Durga is the most ferocious of all, has dark skin, tousled hair and three eyes. She has four arms and breathes out fire, holds a cleaver and sabre in two hands and the other hands are in Abhay and Varada mudras as a gesture of blessing to her followers. She wears a necklace of skulls known as mundmala, and is often depicted standing on a demon’s corpse and sometimes mounted on a donkey.

Red is the buzzword of this day, to indicate the intensity of the occasion, something our designers at Central took inspiration from for the look of the day. Magenta and bronze are the predominant colours, while the thread work in gold exudes that final touch of brilliance, elevating the look to a whole new level of grandeur.

For a special day like this, make sure to strike a sensational figure by wearing something that presents the perfect balance of tradition and modern, yet keeping you true to your individual style. If you’re one to etch a mark wherever you go, irrespective of whether you’re a man or woman, simply visit a Central outlet and find a piece of magic waiting to light up your Saptami. We recommend you go with bronze or gold toned shoes and jewellery to keep with the magnificence of the outfit.

Festive Garb that Slays: Shashthir Shaaj

The sixth day of Durga Puja is called Shashti and it’s a day when Hindus worship the sixth form of goddess Navadurga, also known as Katyayani. She takes a fierce form, that of a warrior goddess in this avatar. According to legend, Rishi Katyayani endured severe penance to have a goddess as a daughter. With the blessings of the Maa Durga herself, she was born to the Rishi who worshipped her and named her Katyayani. In this form, she rides a lion and has four hands – with a sword and lotus in her left hands and two right hands in Abhayamudra (fearlessness) and Varadamudra (dispensing of boons) gestures. This is a day her devotees (yogis/saints) focus on Agya (command) Chakra located between her eyebrows, helping in imparting wisdom. This is the day Pandals are erected in West Bengal, and marks the beginning of the pomp and gaiety in Kolkata, the City of Joy.

With the backstory covered, it’s now clear why our collection dedicated to this splendid day is all about strength, power and attitude. The colour red and blue are intense shades of the spectrum and indicators of the rage of the goddess in her ninth avatar. Silk was the choice of fabric to highlight the richness of the designs, and to let you cut a distinctive figure while you explore and admire the goddess’ idols in the numerous pandals. A conscious mix of simple and intricate designs bring out the essence of Durga Puja like a spiritual dream. With this addition, you will lend your Pujo wardrobe that dash of glamour and positivity that this festival embodies. Traditional designs with golden thread work only amplifies it’s regal appeal, and the patterns, heavy at the edges, make a subtle classy statement.

Day Four of Pujo Festivities – Chaturthir Chinmayi Collection

On this day, Goddess Durga assumes the form of Kushmanda – “ku” meaning little, “ushma” warmth and “anda” the cosmic egg. This is the day she starts residing within the sun to help it emanate its light and energy. This incarnation of Maa Durga as Kushmanda possesses eight arms, hold weapons and a garland, mounts a tiger, and is worshipped with fragrances, flowers, diyas, rice and incense on this occasion. The goddess rules the sun and exudes a glow as fiery as the Sun. She is believed to be the creator of the universe and rids it of all negativity and darkness, becoming the ultimate symbol of light.

Worshippers seek her blessings for better health, wealth and strength. The day’s collection by Central is made keeping that in mind. A pristine ivory brings out the pure energy of the occasion and the intricate designs of gold add spurts of fire to the look that only the sun can bring. In all, these pieces offer your Pujo wardrobe the perfect balance of tradition, style and revolution. Masterpieces crafted with delicate zari work, every piece goes with the underlying theme of the day – fashion that leaves a blazing impression.

Can’t wait to get into the spirit of the festivities and embody every day like they are meant to be? Central’s Pujo collection is just what you need for Chaturthi this Durga Pujo. Head over to our store and pick a royal wonder that brings out the essence of the celebration. Choose from an array of salwars, ghagra choli, ethnic vests, kurtas and much more. Take your look a notch up by accessorizing with chunky jewellery such as maang tikka, bangles and earrings, and of course don’t forget to match it with a pair of ethnic shoes or jutis with a touch of gold. And of course, no outfit goes without a little serving of attitude, so don’t forget to rock that glint in your personality while you flaunt your outfit.

For all your festive moods – Tritiya Tilottama

Tritiya, the third day of Durga Pujo is devoted to one of the 9 forms of Maa Durga called Maa Chandraghanta. She is the bestower of peace, serenity and knowledge. Maa Chandraghanta got her name so because she has a ‘Chandra’ – a moon on her forehead which appears as a ‘ghanta’ – a bell. The sound of the bell wards off evil spirits from her devotees. Known to wade away evil from her devotees, she is the epitome of strength and glory. The Tritiya Tilottama look from Central’s festive collection is the auspicious amalgamation of all that the goddess stands for. The many shades of magnificent maroons, the traditional motifs and the gorgeous golds give it its lovely glamour. The beautiful fusion of modern designs with traditional elements makes them a perfect contemporary festive look.

The Tritiya Tilottama look has in it stylish design elements like the flowy palazzo pants, the half bell sleeves and asymmetric hemline in kurtas to name a few that derives its essence from festivals of India. The slight tinge of blue with rich maroon and lustrous gold give it the right amount of celebratory pop of style. Don’t let your festive looks be confined in the usual Salwar Kurtas, Patiala or Churidar. Experiment with your ethnic look, give it a stylish makeover with these new fashion blends like brocade blouse with Palazzo Pant, Asymmetric Ethnic Midi Dress, Multi-layered contrast A-line dresses and chunky accessories. One must never underestimate the importance of matching accessories while styling ethnic looks. Big jhumkas, clinking colourful bangles, delicate neck pieces and footwear in gold is sure to complete your Durga Pujo ensemble.

You are sure to bedazzle everyone around you when you don one of these classy looks. The colour of auspiciousness and good wishes, maroon is a must-have hue in all things festive. From the pandal decorations to the clothes, this shade of crimson merged with gold is a festival in itself. Choose from one of the many looks presented by Central this festive season, available in stores across India. Go on, be your happy stylish self this Pujo!

Festive Collection Series: Dwitiya Adwitiya

Dwitiya refers to the second day of Navratri.This is a day Hindus worship Brahmacharini, the second of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Women observe fasting/vratas on this day to signify the great sacrifice/tapasya she had to undertake to attain Lord Shiva as her consort. Mantras are chanted and the goddess is worshipped with Panchopchar (fragrances, incenses, diyas, flowers and rice). Clothed in white, Brahmacharini teaches devotees the qualities of patience, virtue, sacrifice and detachment.

Penance which is clearly the strongest theme of this day is represented in the colour scheme of our Dwitiya Adwitiya collection. Imprinted finesse brings out the sincerity of the occasion while the black and gold combination keeps with the divine tone. Classic ethnic prints and innovative designs make these a must-have for your Puja wardrobe. Accessorize like the goddess herself and paint the day with some boho magic.

What’s more, the soft fabric of the ensemble will keep you comfortable even when you’re out pandal hopping with your friends or hitting your favourite stores for knick-knacks. The classic black not only promises to grab every eye as you make a statement, but adds a rich element of minimalism to your overall look.The gold motifs do their best to add a heavenly touch. So, if you’re in a Puja state of mind, visit Central, take your pick and get your outfit-of-the-day look sorted for Dwitiya!

Mahalyar Mahamaya

Mahalaya is a day that marks the beginning of the festivities for Bengalis around the globe. It’s observed seven days before Durga Pujo and is an auspicious occasion. And as we know, every occasion calls for a statement look; which is why we bring you this classic collection – Mahalyar Mahamaya to have you looking fashionable and festive at the same time.

To understand the occasion a little better, let’s take you through why Mahalaya is celebrated in the first place. Mahalaya has its share of folklore but the most popular one is the occasion being an invitation to Goddess Durga to initiate her journey from Kailash to Earth (her parental home) along with her children. Mantras are chanted and devotional songs are sung to extend this invitation. The ritual of Tarpan (offering to forefathers) is also performed on this day, when dhoti-clad men offer prayers to their deceased ancestors, also known as pind-daan.

No surprise that we had to create a collection that invokes awe when you step out on this day. From ethnic salwars, flared kurtas to gold-embellished dupattas, this collection has all the festive flair that you will ever need. The ensembles come in auspicious shades of burnt gold and holy maroon, and of course a variety of styles to choose from. Featuring intricate threadwork and traditional motifs, this collection comes infused with a minimalistic yet suave vibe. If you’re the kind of person to cut a notch in classy appeal, head over to Central and pick an outfit that adds to your personality. Afterall, a traditional outfit always brings out a person’s happiest authentic self.

Its New Its Here!

Now, who wouldn’t want to flaunt the latest in the fashion world with panache? Good news – the hottest and the trendiest of styles are now in Central; just step into any store and find your match in no time! Below we’ve highlighted a few trends that you must explore and add to your wardrobe before they run out.

Some trends to choose from :


Nothing says chic like a dress that brings out your true self. Pick from our superb collection of striped, checked, laced and even solid-coloured dresses. All over prints are a favourite for casual weekends while laced dresses are safe winners for your evening date. Just find a beauty that complements your occasion.


If you’re a globe-trotting man of business, you should definitely own a 100% cotton and wrinkle-free Permapress shirt from Louis Philippe. The Avant ultra-fit trousers and suits from Van Heusen’s Move Labs range are crafted for the always-ready-for-work contemporary man with special stretch technology, offering you the needed freedom to move about easily in work clothes. Another favourite among the businessman of style is the uncrushable, airportable range from Allen Solly.

Handbags & Footwear

When it comes to accessories, sky is the limit. Find what works for you and your look from our range of pretty totes and sling bags in colours of your choice. In case you’re looking for backpacks, find a sturdy one that also goes with your style equation. Shoes your weakness? Fret not; feel free to raise the footwear style bar with heels, sneakers, loafers or if you’re a man that likes to keep it formal, go with a fine pair of Oxfords/Derbes. Rest assured, all our pieces are manufactured with love and expertise, promising not just appeal but utmost comfort.


We all love ourselves some good pairs of denims that win in the style department, don’t we? And that’s precisely why creating a diverse denim wardrobe is essential. For this, try and find faves of the hottest varieties – flared or bootcut, side tapes and comfy flexi denim, to name a few. Also, one can never go wrong with denims, so have fun while you’re at it.

Well, with that, we end our trend note for the day. If you’ve got more additions up your sleeves, please feel free to add in the comments below. And don’t you forget to ramp your closet up with Central’s latest collections!

Slay with Sangeet Style – a styling guide Essential

Do you hear it? Yes, that’s the thrilling sound of wedding bells (especially when it’s not yours and you don’t have to be overdressed & entertaining guests as the bride and groom). For that much-awaited Sangeet ceremony, all you need to do is flaunt your sizzling look, sprinkle it full of glam or just play it cool like the bride/groom’s right hand woman/man. Now, now..where’s the fun in not dressing up though? So, here we pull out the best combinations when it comes to the most stunning and dashing pre-wedding sangeet looks.

  1. Raise the bar like a Raja: Wear your kurta and swagger like an Indian emperor would, and move to the sangeet music while you’re at it. Silk kurtas oozing with richness is the sexy that any woman will swoon over. Be the man of their desires with an ethnic look that will steal the show and leave a lasting mark on the onlooker’s mind. And tie it all together a contrast turban and jutis with a touch of intricacy. Take it a whole different level by accessorizing with a stone-embedded brooch.
  2. Go gaga with the Gown-fall: A perfect balance of modern and traditional is what this outfit sums up for the lavish lady. Never underestimate the power a gown has on guests. A dash away from the typical and easy to dance in at your friend’s sangeet, this attire is all about taking the route less taken, and adding a leaf to your style wins. Accessorize with heavy earrings and a pair of heels that take not only your height but also your look a mile high.
  3. Shine Subtly with a Salwar Kameez: Salwar kameez is often taken so simply. But weddings are about wonder, so Central presents to you salwars that wrap you with a layer of magic that the wearer can sway in, nail and own. Creative designs in brocade dupatta complete the look like a true match. And of course, don’t forget to add a maang tikka and big, voluminous earrings to it.
  4. Bring the Regal Deal on the Table: Regal is how a brave man with the right sense of style rolls on an auspicious occasion like this. They will keep away from the over-the-top outfits and take a chance on the subtle-shaded sherwani and dark contrast pyjama look, paired with the comfortable peshawari sandals that only a few can pull off with elegance. Or go ahead with kolhapuris that lend you an airy appeal, and well, don’t miss on the opportunity to show off your best bhangra moves.
  5. Unravel the Story with a Ghagra Choli: If you’ve got the mid-riff to rock, why not just do that? Let it show and add you some points on the style meter. Central offers you a range of ghagra cholis that come in the more impressive colours cut specifically for weddings, and for you to be able to move around and dance around freely like the free bird that you are. Pair this combo with stiletto heels that make eyes pop, and your entire look a tad more drool-worthy than your friend’s.

Set your fashion goals high for the next mehndi and sangeet function coming up, be it your friend’s or your cousin’s. And for that, all you really need to do it step into Central and pick out an outfit that matches with your personality or with the spirit that you have in mind.

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