New Age Dancing Queen

As the week inches closer to the weekend, the struggle to be a social being vs hanging at home with your beloved Netflix, begins to creep up. We feel you.

Now, let’s say in the rare occasion you decide to leave your comfortable cave and venture out on a weekend, you’re going to need to evaluate and restock your wardrobe options. While it’s easy to go for the blacks, red, and shiny bling. We are vibing very strong with a more alternate color palette for this party season.

Pretty Pastels

If it is a date night with your partner or your bestie and you’re ready to kill on the dancefloor then pastels are the way to go. Pair a pastel pink/blue top with a draped silver skirt and slip-on some nude pumps. And just like that you’re a star.

Charming Corals

Coral Fashion

If a girl’s night out is on the cards after weeks of planning, then go with a something coral. It will set the right tone and energy needed for a night out of pure fun and memories. Pair a coral midi skirt with a blush pink top and beige heels. Accessorize with rose gold accessories.

Natty Neons

If a night of clubbing and pub-hopping is on the horizon then your bet must be on neons. Not only does a shade of neon spark with infections energy, it also makes you very easy to spot in a crowd. All eyes on you, is what we are going for. Pair a neon pink dress with black shoes or go minimal with an all-black outfit styled with bright neon green pumps and a neon yellow messenger bag. Skip the accessories and go loud on the lipstick.

Manic Mustards

If a brunch party is what is happening this weekend, then skip the usual Sunday colors and go for a mustard. Not only is the shade perfect for a party, it looks gorgeous on the Indian skin tone. Pair some comfortable mustard pants with a white top and accessorize to your heart’s desire. Throw on some beige platform sneakers and you’re ready to stand for hours of socializing and then hit the dance floor.

No matter which color palette you finally zone in on, don’t forget to find a flattering shade of lipstick, so that your Instagram filter doesn’t have to do all the work.

Playing at work is recommended

If we met in person, you would know that apart from black and other neutrals the only other color palette we love is a pastel one. Sometimes just glancing at a pastel pink top or a mauve colored bag is enough to get us reaching into our wallets unconsciously. And then there is a quick retreat because ohmygod it’s the end of the month and there are bills to be paid. (Sigh)

Although pastels are super versatile, we especially like them for workwear. They bring just the right kind of energy, are light and breezy, and can be mixed and matched based on your moods.

Now, we would ordinarily dive into styling a bunch of pastel inspired looks but why do that when we can just obsess over shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Here are five pastel shoes that you need to own right now.

Magic Mint

When your outfit for work comprises of a pair of jeans and a tee. The best way to turn up that look is to slip on some mint color sneakers. It’s a fail-safe way of giving your look some edge.


An absolute favorite shade of blue that you must own in a shoe. We are thinking periwinkle boots. Imagine ankle-length boots in this sublime shade of blue with a camel brown heel. Pair them with your midi-dresses and pants while at work.


When you need a little spring in your step to power through your workday, look no further than a pair of pointy-toed heels in lavender. It will go well with all your whites, blues, and pinks and at the same time bring along an element of fun to your work-look.

Daffodil Yellow

Womens Fashion

A color which doesn’t get enough credit is the happy shade of pastel yellow. Invest in a pair of yellow sandals with kitten heels and this would be the perfect addition for your ethnic wear and days you venture into wearing white pants to work.

Blush Pink

Pink Fashion

This particular pastel shade is a crowd pleaser, and for work wear we are thinking of going with kolhapuris or brogues in this super versatile shade. Pair them with virtually anything because this color provides a nice balance and complements almost every other color. For a power look, go for a nude pink skirt and a cream top or if you’re going for a laidback ethnic look go with a pair of cream leggings and a baby blue kurta.

Ordinarily we would say, “Start small, buy one pastel shoe and take it from there” but no, not this time. “Buy them all, buy them at once.” we say.

Color, Color, which color to choose

Doesn’t it happen, that when you look at someone in a particular color and you see their face lit up and you immediately think “oh, she looks nice in that color”?

Colors hold this cool magic you see.

Think about it. Those perfectly well-fitted blue jeans which always makes you feel great, that top in your favorite shade of pink which shows off your curves, but appropriate enough for work, and let’s not forget that kurta in that perfect shade of cream which is your go-to for when you need to look and feel great but are also in a hurry.

While there is only so much one can experiment with colors at work, vacations are a whole new playground. And this season colors are on a wide spectrum, so a lot for you to choose from and say, “That is so going to be my vacation color!”

Chilled-out Pastels

Pastel Pink Fashion

Now if you’re planning a vacation centered about being zen and calm yet want to have a little carefree fun on the side then pastels are the way to go. Pastel shades like powder blue, pastel pink, mauve, and light yellow are your ticket to ace zen-vacation fashion.

Imagine yourself in a pastel pink off-shoulder dress, a brown fedora, and huge shades. Just staring into the endless beach and feeling all calm, all the while sipping your favorite drink.

Manic Neon’s

Maniac Neon Fashion

An action-packed vacation with adventure sports and a lineup of adrenaline activities requires the right colors to reflect and feel that energy. We are thinking, neon. Its right on trend and is just the perfect color to complement your activities and of course looks crazy great in pictures. You will pretty much look like an image of energy.

Statement Corals

Statement Corals Fashion

Not all vacations are about rest and relaxation and hyper-energetic activities. Some vacations are just, as we call them “lifestyle vacations”. Wherein you are dressed to slay, and your only goal is to immerse in the local culture and indulge in some decadent food and comforting shopping. For a vacation like this, we are thinking corals. The most high-fashion color on our mood board for the season and only a lifestyle vacation is a suitable arena to strut around in coral.

Think a white button-down shirt dress with a thin coral blazer thrown on and comfortable white sneakers to walk for days.

Down to Earth

Latest Trends For Women

Rustic and earthy shades deserve a special place in vacation fashion. While these shades can’t be boxed into a kind of vacation, they should be a part of all types of vacations. The beach kind, the lifestyle kind, and the adventurous kind.

Every vacation wardrobe requires an earthy outfit to dial it down a few notches just when you’re in the mood to reconnect with yourself with a book and your favorite vacation partner.

Colors hold this humble power to express our personality. And we love how this season, allows us a broad range of color trends to pick from and go with.

Beam me up

Experimenting with a shade of neon can be equal parts fun and equal parts scary because you can either hit the nail on the head or go so very wrong. Striking a fine balance can be nerve-wrecking, so we did all the homework and are ready to spill.

Yes, we are those cool back-benchers who also take notes from time to time.

Yell Pink

Latest Styles for Women

The look: Neon pink midi dress + black/maroon brogues or slides + black clutch

Styling: Neon pink is visually heavy, balance it with just a great pair of shoes and a mini clutch or sling bag. Skip the accessories and wear a nude pink/brown shade of lipstick.

Envious Green

Latest Styles for Women

The look: All black turtleneck knit dress + dark green boots/sneakers + neon green slouchy bag

Styling: Neon green requires a strong color to anchor it yet give it space to shine and there isn’t a better shade in fashion than black. Right? Right?

Accessorize with light silver-toned accessories, maybe just a pair of shiny studs would be perfect. Let the green shine brightest.

Yellow Day

Latest Styles for Women

The look: White bootcut pants/ jeans + neon yellow button-down shirt/kurta + beige perspex detail heels

Styling: Neon yellow is much easier to style as compared to its other neon brothers and sisters. With this look go big on the accessories and go for either a layered neck-piece in silver or big jhumkas in silver.

Oh Orange!

Latest Styles for Women

The look: Neon orange casual blazer + white tee + blue jeans + white sneakers

Styling: Neon orange is possibly a styling favorite, it immediately perks up any look and makes you appear fresh and full of energy. Style this look with softly curled hair pushed to one side and pump up those lashes with mascara and skip the eyeliner.

Electric Feel

Latest Outfits for Women

The look: Neon blue round neck tee + high-waist midi length denim skirt + neon yellow sneakers/ kitten heels.

Styling: Neon blue is the easiest to incorporate into your wardrobe before you go all out with a neon pink or yellow. Style this look with a tiny bag in black or neon yellow and complete the look with offbeat silver toned accessories.

If you’re feeling wild start with neon pink, and if you’re just not ready to go all out just yet then we suggest trying look #2.

Pack those bags and say your goodbyes!

Vacations are not just about the much-needed rest and relaxation, they are also about being picture perfect, not all the time but a few moments. After the tickets are booked, and a list of “must-experience” things has been created the next natural step is deciding on the perfect set of outfits.

From sensible essentials to impractical pieces, all deserve a place in that suitcase which is going to be packed at the last minute. We could dive deep into the perfect permutation combination of outfits for a memorable vacation, we would love nothing more, but we want to dedicate this piece to focusing on accessories.

Interesting accessories can easily take a look from “meh” to “va va voom” and isn’t that just the best hack. We curated a set of pieces that you’re going to want to squeeze into vacation suitcase. Here goes.

Diva Headbands

Women Fashion Style

So, you can’t necessarily wear a crown everywhere you go, but the next best thing is a gorgeous headband. Stock up on headbands in satin and leather with gleaming details like pearls, diamantes, or lace. Pair them with your vacation dresses, oversized tops, and pretty much with anything you wear. Go light on the makeup based on how elaborate the headband is.

Bag Twins

Vacation Bags

An oversized bag is a must for a vacation to just dump all your stuff plus you’re in luck because they look chic. However, make sure your oversized bag has a matching tiny bag for your essentials. The double bag trend is going to pick up and be big this season. So naturally you want your vacay style to be on-point.

Mega Shades

Oversized shades have always been chic and an absolute must-have but this time around splurge on some mega-oversized shades. The biggest you can find preferably, and in either a tortoiseshell or all-black. The beauty of mega sized shades is that all the makeup you need is a popping lipstick and statement earrings and you’re ready to glam up your Instagram stories. Channel your inner Anna Wintour ladies.

Feather Detail

Womens Fashion Clothing

The tiniest element in an accessory can really add that extra something to your overall look. While you can’t go wrong with a little bling, this time around look for accessories with feather details. Like a pair of flat sandals with feathery straps, a mini-bag with a feather pompom, maybe a headband with subtle tiny feathers, or chunky earrings with feather details. All of these will make perfect additions to your vacay collection.


We possibly saved the best for last, because who doesn’t like indulging in yet another pair of shoes. To really bring the vogue to your vacation, you’re going to need a pair of high platform heels. Go for vacation ready and on-trend colors like a neon or coral, and then just like that you’re hitting a couple of trends and not just one.

Just imagining you slay all these accessories is bringing us joy, since we can’t take a vacation ourselves and strut around in glam accessories.

No-Nonsense Workplace Styling

Five days of our week, if not more, are spent at workplaces and yet getting creative with workwear fashion is a struggle and at times just plain tedious. We feel this pinch ever so often and decided to shake things up a little. We spoke to a bunch of women and had a brainstorming session of sorts. Accompanied with lots of snacks and an endless supply of caffeine.

What seemed like hours later, we chalked out a series of looks we collectively liked and jotted them down to experiment with. Let’s look at the winning looks:

Mid-week jumpstart

The look: Dark blue straight-fit jeans + black round neck t-shirt + checkered blazer in grey and white + kitten heels in black.

Styling: Accessorize with a short silver chain and silver studs. Throw on a silver-toned watch for effect. And keep the t-shirt tucked out.

For the Brave

Trendy Summer Clothes

The look:Cream/ white colored ankle-length pants + powder blue button-down shirt + camel brown brogues.

Styling:Accessorize with matt gold hoops or medium sized earrings in a gold tone and french tuck your shirt for a clean finish.

Monday Power

The look:High-waist flared skirt in navy blue + light blue round neck graphic tee + black two-inch platform sneakers.

Styling:Accessorize with a leather bracelet which wraps around your wrist and a watch.

Wrapped for Success

The look:Scarf pattern wrap-around dress + pointy-toed sandals (in a color complementing the pattern).

Styling:Accessorize with diamond studs and a thin-strapped watch. While selecting a scarf pattern dress look for formal color palettes like navy and gold, dark maroon, gray, brown, and emerald green.

Go Bold

Womens Dress Shops

The look:Light blue mid-waist skinny jeans + white round neck t-shirt with a slogan print + bright yellow light blazer + white sneakers or ballet flats.

Styling:Accessorize with thin gold rings across random fingers.

Dressed to Win

New Trends for Women

The look:Cream colored ankle-length pants + ivory colored half-sleeve round high neck polo t-shirt + nude pink/ coral colored closed heels.

Styling:Accessorize with rose gold accessorize like a chunky watch and stud earrings. A great add-on would be an oversized camel brown leather tote.

Getting through the week

Trendy Dresses for Women

The look:Long straight-fit grey kurta + black leggings + silver and white dupatta + black/silver sandals.

Styling:Accessorize with antique silver mini-jhumkas and a silver-toned bracelet.

Fresh for Friday

Fashion Clothes for Women

The look:Short lime-green high-neck kurti + light blue denims + onion pink scarf + brown platform heels/ sneakers.

Styling:Accessorize with pink earrings and a few thin bangles or a chunky statement bracelet.

Poised to Deliver

The look:Powder blue saree + light pink half/ three fourth sleeve blouse with a high-neck and collar preferably + comfortable heels or flats based on how well you can move in a saree. (Psst…we sometimes wear our fav. Sneakers underneath)

Styling:Accessorize with pearl studs and a leather-strapped watch.

Cheering a Win

Shimmer Leggings Trends

The look:Dark maroon kurta with small gold pattern and full sleeves + dark gold leggings + brown closed slip-on sandals.

Styling:Accessorize with minimal gold bracelet and earrings. Ideally the kurta should be a nehru collar to make it formal, else style with a scarf or dupatta in tissue gold fabric.

We believe fashion at the workplace ought to be just as fierce, sharp, and determined as your goals and ambitions. And we are hoping to inspire and dress the crazy driven women of today and tomorrow.

Baby, you’re a coral firework

When an interesting color hits the runways, we get very excited about how it’s going to be styled and worn by all the goddesses we follow on Instagram. This time around the mesmerizing shade of coral has all our attention.

We have been eagerly asking all our stylish girlfriends and stalking every designer to create our very own coral styling action-plan. And it looks like we already have some chic outfits on our mental idea-board.

Here’s a peek into what we are thinking:

Color me coral

Latest Trends in Ladies Tops

A monochrome look, though tough to coordinate is the ultimate fashion killer.

The look: A peplum off-shoulder coral colored top in a thick fabric which sits on you + coral colored ankle-length pants + nude pointy-toed heels. Accessorize with silver-toned chunky earrings and a statement watch or ring. Style your slick on one side or in a pony.

Wrapped in coral

Latest Trends in Ladies Tops

A few effortless outfits in the wardrobe which can be worn across occasion are essential.

The look: A wrap V-neck dress in coral + dark brown block heels. Accessorize with large gold hoops and thin gold rings across a few fingers.

Sneak a coral in

Latest Trends in Ladies Tops

A look which is chic yet on-the-go is just what is needed for adhoc plans.

The look: A full-sleeved crop top in all coral + high-waist midi skirt in ivory white + light coral sneakers. Accessorize this look with a mini sling bag and pearl studs.

Face the world in coral

On days when you’re feeling a little adventurous with your look and more importantly have the time and inclination, we have just the right fix for you. MAKE-UP.

We would usually do a deep dive into a list of the seasons best products to add to your collection but this time around we want to do something different. Our focus and current crush is a happy pinkish hue called coral and believe it when we say that we are really feeling color.

Now, you’re probably thinking “um coral sounds great on a dress, but makeup…nah!”.

Hold that thought and allow us to change your mind. We have put together a list of easy essentials you can experiment with.

Cheeky Blush

Coral Makeup

While an everyday light pink is perfect to bring a pop of colors to those cheeks. What you’re really missing is a dash of color. The beauty of a coral blush is that it is softer than a pink or red and looks more natural on your skin, no matter what your skin tone might be. So, don’t shy away, give it a try.

Mesmerizing Eyes

Mesmerizing Eyes

Eyeshadows are the perfect product to kick-start a new makeup experiment with, so if you’re not ready for a coral blush, start here. Go for a coral shade with specks of gold for a soft effect on the eyes or a bold shade with a matte effect for a more dramatic look. The softer look works well for a day at work or a lunch with friends. Whereas we would reserve the matte look for a night out or an event. Just keep the rest of your makeup minimal and steer focus to the coral eyes.

Fluttering Lashes

Eye Makeup

This is a favorite amongst us, because it is low effort but high impact. Imagine your lashes gleaming a shade of coral. The thing with coral mascara is that it can be easily integrated to your look and works across the board for all outfits and occasions, okay except maybe an interview. Unless of course your potential employer is expecting you to look experimentive and stylish, then by all means pump up those lashes with a shade of coral.

Tell-All Lips

Tell-All Lips

Saved this for last because who doesn’t love to add a new lipstick to their collection. It’s almost like an uncontrollable problem, you see a pretty color and you must have it. Coral is one amongst those colors and sits beautifully on the Indian skin palette. So, try on a few shades on coral until you find the one which complements your skin tone like it rightfully deserves to be.

We don’t know about you, but we just needed an excuse to buy some new makeup and the light breezy shade of coral is just another reason.

The Perfect Additions

The best part about a glorious new color hitting the store shelves are the cool new accessories which come along with the trend. This season is going to be all about a joyful shade called coral, and we are crushing hard.

Why do we love it, you ask?

The color coral feels light, full of optimism, and warmth and we could use all of that in our daily life. While we love diving into styling hacks, we wanted to dedicate some space to accessorizing and creating a list of must-have pieces to seamlessly add to our wardrobes.

If you’re feeling curious about the delicious pieces you can add to your collection, take a peek at the accessory list we curated for both men and women because you know, everyone needs a dose of joyful coral in their day.


Kicked about coral

Eye-grabbing footwear is truly hard to pass-up for almost all women, so why not add a new something to your collection. Preferably a something in a playful coral. Instead of doing a usual pair of heels, we are leaning towards either some bright platform sneakers or ankle-length boots. Both iconic and can be made the center of your look.

Watch me

Bags are fun and all, but you know what is a really neat accessory? A watch. While we love bags, and are constantly lusting for more, we do think that when it comes to coral, a fun way to show it off is with a all-coral watch. No other color, just coral. Ladies get ready for some serious drama for your wrist.

Hidden Details

When it comes to accessories for men, we like playing around with the idea of secret elements. Guys, to incorporate coral into your wardrobe start with some cheeky and flashy socks. They could be printed in coral and other colors or just a bold shade of coral. Pair them with brown shoes of any styling and you’re all set.

Cuffed and ready

Men Style

Another way that men can incorporate this willful color into their look, is with a neat pair of cufflinks. Lookout for cufflinks in a bright coral in interesting shapes and not just round or square and ensure that the metal it is wrapped is gold-toned and not silver.

Time to do plan a shopping date with the better half, looks like it.

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