Twist to Tradition

Indo Western Wear  

If you didn’t steal your mom’s bandhani dupatta and role-play your favorite Bollywood actress, were you even a cool kid? There is just something about the mash-up of bright hues and those iconic puckered up patterns plastered all over the dupatta that make everyone’s eyes pop. And we are no better. We drool.

The styling for this season is hugely inspired by the colors and drama of the bandhani and translating it into modern pieces in rich traditional colors, pom-pom trimmings, and watercolor prints.

Living out our brightest outfit fantasies from our childhoods, we put together a few looks worth experimenting with:

  1. Tighten-up: What you’ll need is a pair of palazzos or dhoti pants in bright pink, a sleeveless or full-sleeved crop in orange, a long bright dupatta in bandhani or watercolor, and a wide belt in camel brown. Drape the dupatta around you as you would with a saree but with more focus on styling the top and not the bottom as the dhoti pants will maintain focus at the bottom. Accessorize with gold hoops, or a chunky watch. Platform wedges or kitten heels are the perfect shoe to complete this look.
  2. Let it go: A kaftan kurta in an over the top watercolor or abstract print inspired by bright wedding colors is what you will need at the center of this look. Accessorize it with shoulder grazer earrings in the most neutral color of your kaftan and complete the look with dark gold pumps. Keep your hair straight and slick instead of waves.
Orange Ethnic Wear

No matter which look you decide to zero-in on, keep your make-up light and fresh. A solid sunscreen, a dab of matte fixer, kohl-rimmed eyes, a streak of highlighter on key areas on the face, and a nude lipstick is all you need. A minimal face with maximal effect is always our goal.

A class apart

Olive Pants Women

Ever so often we stare at our wardrobes and think, “Okay, so I have nothing interesting to wear”. Then we spiral and go on a shopping binge and yet somehow, we end up picking up the same kind of clothes. And just like that we are back to square one.

The key to a fun wardrobe is to add a few pieces which are at the opposite spectrum of your usual style. We have curated a set of styles which are absolutely on point in terms of colors, cuts, and lines. And the perfect additions to your wardrobe for the season, and a little more.

Let’s begin with small details, like the neckline. While the cold-shoulder is still raging on, push it aside for a bit and lookout for necklines with standout details like embroidery and glass-work or something basic but the structure of the neckline should be sharp and not droopy. The idea is to look sharp and ready. These necklines are especially great for workwear and for fuss-free dressing when you don’t want to look too hard and instead just want to throw something on and look well put together.

The next element to flood your wardrobe with is, embellishments! Not over-the-top bling on everything, some subtle detailing in neutral colors is the way to go. A little on the neckline, cuffs, hems of your silk pants, or possibly a skirt with scattered embellishments all over. The one thing to keep in mind though is that the embellishments mustn’t jump out and should instead be in the same color as the fabric. So that it just adds a little depth to the outfit instead of looking like a parade for no apparent reason.

Olive Beige Women Clothing

Last one and possibly our hot favorite at the moment, is a pair of tiered trousers. Culottes? We are so over them, okay fine maybe not, but we do need a break from them. And in come trousers which look like a hot marriage between Jasmines harem pants and a slick pair of palazzos. What we love about tiered trousers is the understated drama, which let’s be honest- who doesn’t love? So, before you have a mini meltdown looking at your wardrobe, hop out for some retail therapy this weekend.

Oh, and before we forget, let your color palette be earth-goddess inspired. Think creams, dull gold’s, camels, mustards, and mehndi greens. Ah! Just reading those colors makes us want to dress-up and pretend like we are shooting for a lifestyle magazine.

Bolder in Blue

Bolder in Blue

Rather Be Blue

If there is ever a time that we get super obsessive about a shade of color, it is around this time of the season and it is always Indigo Blue. We want it in our home decor, our tableware, our surroundings, and of course most importantly in our wardrobes.

Fun fact about this hypnotic shade of blue? In the 9th century to procure this shade of blue was as expensive as a trade item as was gold. Can you imagine that, having to choose between gold earrings or a pot of color? Talk about a crisis. Of courses if you were Chinese or Middle Eastern Royalty you’d have both and in plenty.

Coming back to the present, all we have to do now is run to the nearest mall or plop down in front of our laptops or phones and just add-add-add ‘to basket’. We would not have survived the 9th century, ladies. Phew.

This season, we want to focus on very casual stylings of the indigo blue with key items like

  • Flowy kurtas
  • Jackets
  • Midi Skirts
  • Pants

As long as they are available in indigo and breezy fabrics they belong in our must-have items list. However, the one thing we could do differently this season, lies in the season. Here is what we are thinking is terms of complementary colors and accessories.

To make your indigo blue pop even more, pair it with lime green instead of red or yellow. Not only is lime green a close contrast to indigo blue it is also as fresh as citrus and will give you that little spring of energy you need to get yourself to work on Monday. Some of the pieces to experiment with in green would be, a crushed dupatta, kolhapuris, bindi, bracelets, a bucket bag, or even nail polish.

Once you have your lime green item in place, the next thing to glam up your indigo blue is… accessories! Since you’re playing with indigo blue and lime green you can go either go classic with silver accessories or make it interesting with accessories in shades of blue. Think elaborate earrings and necklaces in thread and metal. This way all the shades of blue blend together and the only color to tie it all up becomes the lime green. Now, that’s a vision we can get on-board with.

Chic and Ethnic

Ethnic Outfit

It’s always magical to see certain color palettes and combinations sit in cupboards of women across diverse ages and personal styles. One such classic is the balancing of creamy white + burgundy red in an outfit.

The flair of this combination lies in two things, the first being the little details, the colors have to be balanced in such a way that they complement each other visually in terms of silhouettes and design details. And the second being, accessorizing it cleverly as these set of colors can be made to go from minimal to maximal with a few quick additions of stand-out pieces.

We played out around with a few looks to zero in on what really got us going and this is what are top picks look like

  1. Paint a Picture
  • Build an outfit for a brunch or an art exhibit by starting with a creamy white asymmetric kurta with an embroidered yoke in a faded white, this becomes the canvas for you to draw on. Make sure the kurta is long and doesn’t have any slits so that it can be styled as an ethnic dress. Next up add on a burgundy red silk dupatta printed with rich patterns and fasten it to your kurta with a medium width belt in black or the exact same shade of burgundy. Black would be easier as the same shade of burgundy might be hard to find. Accessorize with antique gold studs and a chunky watch and rings. And complete the look with either leather platform brogues in black or ankle-booties. We would go with the former for a contemporary twist.
Latest Ethic Wear
  1. Seamless Silhouette
  • Next up, we chose something a little more hassle-free to wear to traditional baby showers, low-key mehndi’s, and pretty much any celebration which doesn’t require for you to go all the way with your ethnic wear. We are suckers for minimal looks with key pieces and this is one of them. At the center of this look is a rich burgundy button-down kurta with a cinch at the waist. Pair this with a structured Sharara in creamy white and complete the look with heels in dull gold. This look relies on accessories to glam it up or down. Go for chunky earrings in dull gold and stacked bangles in earthy tones. Keep your lips a shade of nude and sparkle up the eye make-up.

While we love both these looks equally, we are excited to try out the first and get our instagram buzzing.

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