Deeds of Denim

Denim Fashion

Ask anyone to name that one piece of clothing they can’t imagine their wardrobe without and we can bet our ancestral land that it’s something in denim. (Kidding, we don’t have any ancestral land)

Now we aren’t here to talk about the hallowed skinny jeans, we want to spend some time musing over other equally delicious denim pieces. Think a well-structured jacket, a sleek pencil skirt, a loose button-down shirt, or even a classic pair of trusty shorts. These might sound like traditional pieces, but we are absolutely feeling the vibe right now.

The three pieces that we are absolutely loving are a loose button-down shirt, jumpsuit, and a short-shorts. No matter what your body type, these pieces should be a staple part of your wardrobe seeing as they are bound to stand the winds of change. What we are thinking of in terms of styling is a dollop of white splattered all over the blues of denims.

Blue Denim Clothes

Sure, it sounds done and dusted but we like breathing life into the classics every opportunity we get. When it comes to a button-down shirt we are thinking creamy white flared jeans or long linen pants for a very retro feel. This doubled with yellow and silver tone accessories will be the perfect look for a casual day of shopping or lounging with your girlfriends.

Next up on our list is a pair of indulgent short-shorts and if you’ve been doing your squats and lunges then you’re probably aching to show off your hard work. Pair your shorts with a sheer kurta and a thin or thick belt. Finish the look with some espadrilles and you’re good to hit the road.

The last piece in our hall of classic fame is the never-say-die jumpsuit. We love this one for its versatility as you can style it with a white off-shoulder, crop tee, or dress shirt. Each pairing serves a different occasion and conveys a different mood and feeling. If you’re feeling sporty and casual go for the crop, for a smart casual look the dress shirt, and if it’s a brunch or lunch-date the off-shoulder is your ammo. When it comes to accessories give your look a retro finish, with hoops, chunky earrings, or a hair-tie in red or yellow.

We are most excited about the jumpsuit at this point, what about you?

Slip into Sunshine

Central Mustard Yellow

The world is divided into two kinds of people, as we see it, there are those who are ardent lovers of shades of mustard yellow and then those who wouldn’t even acknowledge it as a color worthy of owing in their wardrobe.

We hear our friends cooing various remarks like, “No, it just doesn’t work for me”, “ It’s too bright for my liking”, and some good ones like, “I don’t want to look like Big-Bird”.

 Before you write off this overtly controversial color, give it a chance. Let us show you how you can make it your own. And since all your favorite brands are going to be stocking this shade to the rafters, you may as well indulge us a little and take a peek into how you can style this pungent shade of yellow.

When it comes to the right shades of mustard yellow, we are thinking softer bright than the bright golden ones. The right hue goes a long way in creating a look which is easy on the eyes and one that you feel comfortable in. The three key pieces of mustard yellow this season are a shift dress, skinny pants, and a printed top. All serving different wardrobe functions in their own perfect way.

A soft mustard yellow long shift dress or kurta can be made into the perfect sunday-funday outfit. Grab your pair of camel brown or black heels and twist the outfit with a thin belt if you’re short and a chunky belt if you’re tall. Accessorize in shades of golds or azure blue if you’re looking for some drama. When it comes to workplace dressing, pants are a good way to start with the color exploration. Pair your mustard skinny ankle-length pants with a black billowy top and black suede loafers or brogues. We saved the easiest for last, if you’re looking to break your mustard yellow virginity then a printed top is the way to go. Pair it with your favorite blue denim skinnies or skirt and you’re ready for summer.

There isn’t a better color to reflect your inner happiness and joy than this bountiful shade, so why not cast your blacks aside for a weekend and slip into some sunshine.

Summer Storm in Frills

Frills Dress Central

The turn of the season is always exciting and gets us planning our wardrobes by vigorously scrolling through instagram and devouring influencer fashion. After all it isn’t about the trend, it is about making the trend your own.

This time around we are settling into a boho-chic vibe, and we know what you’re thinking, ‘ This happens every year’ – but that’s the story of every trend since the beginning of time. However, this spring-summer is about soft ruffles, unstructured pleats, OTT accessories, and minimal frills.  And instead of soft pastel colors, we are leaning towards the brightest crayons in the pack. After all, why should ruffles and pleats be branded as submissive when they can be fierce.

Sunflower yellow, Queen of Hearts red, Madhatters’ purple and pretty much every shade which embodies Alice in wonderland. That’s the palette you need to experiment with. Maybe you’re a pastels person or maybe you’re all about the basics but there must be one or two freak colors in your wardrobe this season. Trust us.

Summer Collection Central

When it comes to styling breezy spring-summer fabrics with ruffles and pleats, think about adding structure to your look when it comes to wearing these pieces to work. If you’re going for a pleated midi-length skirt then pair it with either a crisp collared shirt, or a basic fitted tee. And if you’re gravitating towards a ruffled top pair it with a straight-fit skirt, flared denims, or cigarette pants. It’s all about visual balance.

However, when it comes to socializing close your eyes and reach out for the most flamboyant frills or ruffles paired with some over-the-top accessories in 80’s hues. Think flowy fabrics with floral prints and mash them with thick leather belts. That way your look has drama yet its pulled together and not all over the place. If you’re someone who is all geared up to truly experiment, then you must jump onto the print-on-print wagon. This isn’t easy to pull of ladies but there is a method to the print madness.

When blending prints together choose the same base color for both top and bottom like say a nude pink or a flaming red or creamy white. The next step is to ensure that the prints have similar color palettes or complimentary colors which don’t clash too hard. And the final thing to look out for is the size of the patterns, to be safe you can opt for both the bottom and top to have similar sized patterns but to make things interesting we would suggest going for bottoms with medium sized prints and the top with smaller micro-sized prints. Throw on some mega earrings or chunky bracelets and you’re all set to cause a summer storm.

If you’ve been dodging prints and ruffles the last few seasons, do us a favor and embrace them this time around. You will not regret the feel of it.

Cool as a Cucumber

Unique Dressing Style

If you’re anything like us, then you’re a lover of fusion fashion. And we don’t blame you, it’s the best of both worlds. You get mix and match both your fashion personas and express your personal style in a unique way.

This season we are emphasizing a lot more on mixing and matching and really settling into the feel of celebrating some quintessentially locals prints and colors and blending them with the structure and predictability of fitted shirts and slick denims. When you think of cool summer fits and prints we are sure that your mind conjures up shades of blue and breathable fabrics. It’s just how it is.

Shirt Skirt Combo

We took this beautiful summer feeling and translated it into no-fuss looks which you can slip into easily for work and blend in just as smoothly for a night-out or a brunch. We vote for brunches, summers are meant for heady brunches after all. If an evening of playing is what’s on your mind we would go for a high-slit indigo blue kurta with flowy panels paired with white or pastel pink ankle-length skinny jeans. For accessories either go bold with red and yellow retro styled hoops or oxidized metals.

However, when it comes to a more work-appropriate look we would suggest clean lines, clean lines, and more clean lines. Pair a micro-print cowl-neck navy blue kurta with black or olive-green cigarette pants. Stay safe of flowy silhouettes at the workplace, they just don’t scream appropriate and instead come-off a little lazy. After all being a boss-lady is also about power dressing and that comes with structured no-nonsense clothing.

We saved the best for last, and it’s a brunch look! (yaay to bottomless brunches)

Home-style your hair into soft curls, if you haven’t self-curled your hair yet then Pinterest is your guide and complement those curls with a heavily printed powder blue or bright-indigo button down kurta. Give your kurta a twist by leaving the buttons open and sporting a bralette inside and tying the look together with a silver or camel brown belt. Skip the flat shoes and go for either leather platform brogues or heels which will last you a few hours.

Summers are meant for experimenting ladies, so don’t shy away into your comfort zone. Come out and shine.

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